MFN status to India: All Parties announce strike in AJK

MFN status to India: All Parties announce strike in AJK

ISLAMABAD, Nov 21: The leadership of Indian Occupied Kashmir and Azad Jammu and Kashmir rejected the Most Favoured Nation status granted to India and declared it as big threat to Pakistani local industry, national security, two nation ideology and for independent movement of Kashmir and demanded from the government to repeal its decision.

According to the declaration complete shutter down strike would be observed in AJK against this decision on 25th November; meanwhile the leadership of AJK will held meetings with the political leadership of Pakistan to show their reservations on grating MFN status to India.

All parties’ conference organized by Jamaat-t-Islami Azad Jammu and Kashmir was held in Islamabad on Monday and was presided over by Amir JI AJK Abdul Rashid Turabi; meanwhile the APC was attended by supreme head of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Amanullah Khan, leader of People’s Party Jammu and Kashmir Sardar Khalid Ibrahim, leader of PML-N AJK Shah Ghulam Qadir, Leader of All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference Saghir Chugtai, Chief of Liberation League Justice (retd) Abdul Majid Malik, Amir JUI, AJK Maulana Saeed Yousuf, Amir Jamat-ud-Dawah AJK Abdul Aziz Alvi, chief of Jamiat Ahle Hadis AJK Maulana Anwar Ruknud Din, Hurriyat leaders Mehmood Saghar, Ghulam Muhammad Safi, leader of JI of Indian Occupied Kashmir Maulana Ghulam Nabi Nousheri, former president of AJK general (retd) Sardar Anwar Khan, Education Minister of AJK Mian Waheed, Amir JI Gilgit-Baltistan Raja Mushtaq, and other political leader of Indian Occupied Kashmir, AJK and Gilgit-Baltistan attended the conference.

The leadership shows concerns over the statement of Indian Prime Minister that Pak army was also a part of the process which grants MFN status to India, adding that due to the non explanation from defence institutions a number of reservations created among the masses and military institution and demanded a clear cut explanation from military institution is very necessary to clear the reservations against army.

The conference reviews the affects on independence movement of Kashmir and Pakistan in view of the statement given by the foreign minister in National Assembly over granting of MFN status to India.

The conference approved a declaration which rejected the MFN status granted to India and demanded from the government to repeal its decision, adding that declaration termed the whole process of granting MFN status to India as defusing the diplomatic resistance against India and says it is a part of US strategy to grant permanent seat at United National Security Council.

The declaration stated that US cannot play any role to stop the state terrorism of India in Indian Occupied Kashmir and nor played any role in resolving the Kashmir dispute but now compelling Pakistan to gave access to trade markets of Central Asia to India.

The APC conveyed a message to the guardians of India including US that without solving the issues of Kashmir it is not possible to establish peace and long live trade relation with India, adding that to stop the state terrorism and solving the issue of Kashmir all countries and organizations claiming themselves as the trademark of peace should play their role.

The declaration stated that the British government occupied the Subcontinent and had ruled for 300 years in the name of trade and now India is trying to fulfill its ambition of Akhand Baharat on the basis of trade and granting MFN status to India is filling colors in their dreams of Akhand Bahart.

In the opinion of conference, granting MFN status to India is very disappointing instead of the facts that India divided Pakistan into two parts, occupied Siachen by aggression, occupying the Jammu and Kashmir from 64 years, violating the Indus Basin Treaty and stop water of Pakistani share.

The leadership of both parts of Kashmir declared granting MFN status to India as a negative message to the people of Kashmir, which celebrate 14 August as Independence Day and 15 August as black day.

The declaration also stated that beside of announcement of evidence of involvement of India in creating disturbance in Afghanistan, Balochistan, Karachi, attack on Sri Lankan cricket team said that it was a clear cut opposition of act and talks of the government regarding granting MFN status to Pakistan and rejected the argument of governments that granting MFN status to India cannot put any negative status to India.

The declaration also stated that in reality, Pakistan would face economic, political and ideological loss and India would gain plus points regarding Kashmir issue at international level in result of granting MFN status to India by Pakistan.

Meanwhile the APC demanded from the people, politicians, social workers, religious leadership, journalists and lawyers of Pakistan to compel the government to repeal its decision regarding MFN status to India, adding that all the people should try to disclose the negative activities of India and support the Kashmir cause.

The APC also said that without solving the issue of Kashmir permanent peace of Kashmir is not possible.

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