MFN status can’t change Indian aggressive mindset against Pak: Turabi

MFN status can’t change Indian aggressive mindset against Pak: Turabi

ISLAMABAD, Nov 15 (PR): Amir Jamaat-e-Islami Azad Jammu & Kashmir (JIAJK) Abdur Rasheed Turabi has said that India had never responded with positive gestures while Pakistan has been trying to please India in whatever way possible, adding that in presence of several controversial issues, including Kashmir, it is unrealistic approach to expect that the Indian mind set could be changed by granting MFN status.

Addressing to a meeting here on Tuesday Abdur Rasheed Turabi said India has inflexibly refused to implement the UN Security Council resolutions on Kashmir, which it had itself moved and endorsed.

He said that with several debatable issues, including the core dispute of Kashmir, remaining hostage to mere unthinking talks; it is unrealistic to expect that the MFN would somehow change the Indian mindset. In fact, it has competently planned to create new issues, rather than show any serious willingness to resolve the long standing Kashmir issue, he added.

He said Pakistan has been trying to please India through every possible way and offering confidence building measures, continuing to participate in rounds of meaningless dialogues and now awarding the MFN status, to cite some moves at pacification, adding that it has, ever since partition, India has been indulging in unyielding plotting to destabilise Pakistan. There is plenty of evidence to prove that India is engaged in fuelling insurgency in Balochistan and terrorism in other part of the country, he said.

He said It is, indeed, shocking to note that the present supporters of the party whose founder, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, had sworn to fight India for a thousand years to liberate the illegally occupied Kashmir, should be humbly approving to give it the MFN status.

Turabi said that “our policy for long had been, and with strong reasons, not to do any trade with our ingrained enemy till it had settled the Kashmir dispute in accordance with the wishes of the people of the Jammu & Kashmir, as determined through an UN- resolution.

He said that the economic ties cannot remove the mistrust between the two countries. Only a solution of Kashmir issue can remove the mistrust between two countries. The two countries must not focus on trade only but they should give priority to the long standing issue of Jammu & Kashmir also.

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