Mehbooba Mufti ill-informed, misguided and ignorant of Law: NC

Mehbooba Mufti ill-informed, misguided and ignorant of Law: NC

Srinagar: (GNS) The National Conference today lambasted the PDP president Mehbooba Mufti and Muzaffar Beigh for playing dirty politics and accused them of lying and hoodwinking the public with lies about passing a bill in the assembly about Panchayats.

“Mehooba Ji is ill-informed, misguided and ignorant of law, it is very bizarre that someone who is not only a leader of the opposition but also been a parliamentarian would talk about bringing a private member’s bill when under law time has already passed for such an exercise” National Conference Spokesman Tanvir Sadiq said in a statement issued to GNS. While ridiculing her and accusing her of hoodwinking the people with false information and adding “It surprises me even more that her self-styled legal luminary didn’t brief her about the rules and procedure and conduct of business in the state legislature” he said.

“The private members bill according to the Subrule 3 of Rule 65 of Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business of the J&K state Legislature states that “The Period of Notice of a motion for leave to introduce a bill under this rule shall be 30 days, prior to the commencement of session unless the speaker allows the motion to be made at a shorter notice” said Sadiq “After the governor issued notice to summon the state legislature on the 2nd September the speaker in relaxation of the rules issued a time bound notice seeking Questions and Bills from all the members till 10th of September and resolutions till the 15th September” he said

“The Speaker has a right to reject anything after a stipulated time but even then according to our reports No bill has been received by the Legislative Assembly from any PDP member with regard to the Panchayats” said Tanvir adding “it proves that they only wanted to play dirty politics, deceive the poor Panchayat members and cheat the gullible by spreading lies” he added.

“All the people who jumped on the bandwagon and expressed their support to the bill in the assembly are as machiavellian and ignorant as Mehboob Ji, they are only trying to score brownie points and using poor Panchayat members to meet their petty political ends” said Sadiq

Claiming that our Panchayat Raj Act is the best in the country Tanvir said “We are committed to empower the Panchayats fully and as soon as the BDC elections are over the powers will grow manifold”

Hitting Muzaffar Beigh for accusing NC of killing Panches, The NC Spokesman Tanvir Sadiq while calling him a liar, irresponsible termed his statement as ‘absurd and foolish’

“People are aware how scheming Beigh is, he is known for eating a humble pie every time; his statements are completely contemptible, irrational, and foolish” said Tanvir adding “he has lost all moral and political authority to even be in politics and should voluntarily retire without causing any further embarrassment to himself” “He has reached a level where he can be termed as an untouchable in politics, and his statements are increasingly becoming “Absurd” Tanvir rebuked.

Accusing the PDP of playing dirty politics the NC Spokesman said that they shall have to be answerable for the treason they have committed against the State, they are now exposed and it is not difficult to identify the hidden hand or the wolves in sheep-skin who have taken a sadistic pleasure in devouring our young people” said Tanvir adding “The have already conceded defeat in the next election by talking about rigging in election, they know that they will be defeated by the people overwhelmingly”.

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