MC, MQM to join AJK Govt

MC, MQM to join AJK Govt

Hameed Shaheen

ISLAMABAD: The erstwhile ruling party of AJK, Muslim Conference, is poised to join PPPP-led majority government coalition in Muzaffarabad with MQM to follow suit soon.

Both the MC and MQM have developed sound working understanding with the newly inducted conciliatory PPPP Prime Minister Abdul Majeed Chaudhry from Mirpur. “This will be an ideal set-up at home at this overly crucial phase of renewed negotiations between Pakistan and India over Kashmir dispute and other solvable issues between South Asian nukes neighbors”, believe strategic watchers.

Both the MC (4-seater) and MQM (2-seater) have cooperated with the PPPP when both cast their votes in Prime Ministerial and Presidential elections on July 26, and 29, 2011respectively in the House. PPPP enjoys an overriding strength of 33 members in the Assembly, but wishes to develop an in-House all-party conciliation front minus 12-seater PML(N).

Two of the MC nominees – Sardar Siab and Malik Nawaz, both ex-ministers – would be taken as ministers in the new deal, while their third colleague Sardar Mirakber is to be seated as Chairman Public Accounts Committee, an office administratively thought a dreaded one because of its penetrative financial powers

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