Masood Khan abhors human right violations in IOK by India

Muzaffarabad: President Azad Jammu and Kashmir said that the committed Muslims leaders at that time founded the state of Azad Kashmir despite the difficult circumstances and severe resistance from India.

He made these remarks while addressing the ‘Karawan e Azadi’ seminar held on the occasion of the 70thFoundation Day of Azad Jammu and Kashmir organized at the University of AJK at Muzaffarabad.

It was on 19th July 1947 the Muslim leaders led by Ghazi-e-Millat Sardar Ibrahim at his residence who had announced their resolve to accede the whole of Kashmir with Pakistan, said President Masood Khan. “We will in every way fulfill the resolutions of our fore fathers and strive for the freedom of Kashmir.”

The President said that had the Maharaja, Indian government, Viceroy and the RSS goons not sabotaged the accession of Kashmir to Pakistan our brothers and sisters in IOK would have been enjoying the freedom but instead they are still struggling for their right to self-determination even after 70 years. Now, the people of Kashmir are living in shackles in their homeland and are facing the atrocious brunt of the Indian occupation forces, said President Masood Khan.

President AJK said that Azad Kashmir with the support of Pakistan has always advocated the Kashmir cause and has been the central platform from where the voice of the oppressed Kashmiris has been raised. “It’s our duty to continue this struggle and approach every international forum in making them aware of the appalling situation in Kashmir”, said Masood Khan.

The people of Kashmir are being harassed, murdered, disabled by pellet gun fire, imprisoned on fake charges; the women are dishonored, their homes demolished on a daily basis by the Indian forces, said President Masood. Oppressive laws like the Public Safety Act and Armed Forces Special Powers Act have given the Indian forces unbridled powers of shoot on sight; these laws need to be repealed immediately, President Khan said.

President Masood Khan said that the human rights violations taking place in IOK are war crimes of which the world must take notice. The double standards of the international community is very concerning and India must be persuaded into coming to the table for talks and agreeing to amicable and democratic solutions to the dispute, said the President.

The President said that the UN must enforce its writ and implement its resolutions passed on the Kashmir issue. India has scuttled all talks and is prolonging the violence in IOK in order to suppress the indigenous unarmed and peaceful freedom movement of the Kashmiri people, said President Masood Khan. The President said that the facts on ground need to be objectively assessed by fact finding missions thereby exposing the true scale of the atrocities taking place in the occupied territory. Due to an information blackout in IOK only a fraction of the barbarity is known to the outside world, said the President.

Masood Khan said that in a post-world war era, this was the first planned ethnic cleansing leading to the death of over 250,000 Kashmiris, which clearly constitutes as war crimes. Even if we ignore the political aspect of the dispute; we cannot in any way ignore the humanitarian crises culminating due to the violent regime of the Indian occupation forces, highlighted President Masood.

President Masood said that founding of Azad Kashmir has been a great blessing for the people of this region. AJK is progressing in developing its infrastructure like roads, schools, energy sector, tourism and industries, he said. Various projects of CPEC have been introduced in AJK which will guarantee prosperity and progress for this land, which in turn will help to raise the human development index in AJK.

The event was attended by the Vice Chancellors of all public sector universities of AJK, prominent intellects of AJK and Pakistan, bureaucrats, academic scholars, students and members of the civil society..

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