Lord Nazir claims multibillion rupees corruption in AJK govt

Lord Nazir claims multibillion rupees corruption in AJK govt

ISLAMABAD: British legislator of Kashmir origin Lord Nazir Ahmed on Friday claimed to have collected documentary proof of multibillion rupees corruption in Azad Kashmir government and would present the same to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif during his visit to Britain next week.

Lord Nazir, who was flanked by ex-premier AJK Barrister Sultan Mehmood, told a news conference here that he had proof of corruption in certain projects, which he did not spell out, and would present to Prime Minister Sharif when he will visit Britain and he will call on him after five days.

He said alleged billions of rupees were being wasted by the AJK administration in several development projects, which had been indicated by inquiry committees formed by the government.

Lord Nazir proposed that AJK Chief Secretary Arbab Shahzad should be summoned for a meeting with the prime minister to share documents of corruption with him. He added that those, who plundered the national kitty, should not be spared.

He called for the need for taking solid measures to ensure prosperity of the people of Azad Jammu and Kashmir.Lord Nazir charged that the colossal amount being wasted in certain futile projects could had been spent on the rehabilitation and welfare of the Line of Control (LoC) affectees, where he recently visited certain places.

The British parliamentarian alleged that in Tanday village the residents faced discrimination by patwaris while getting compensation amount as a result of hydropower projects in their area.He pointed out that out of Rs50 billion budget in the AJK, only 10 percent was spent on development work while 40 percent was spent on administration, which included unnecessary appointment of advisors.

To a question, Lord Nazir said he did not belong to any political party, having no lust for power as he had a life-time membership of the House of Lord in Britain. He added he was only trying to serve the Kashmiri people and ensure prosperity and development of the area.

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