Landslide dam of Kargil to trigger Indo-Pak friction: SKCS

Landslide dam of Kargil to trigger Indo-Pak friction: SKCS

Srinagar: Amidst huge ‘trust-deficit’ between India and Pakistan, the Zanskar River \”landslide -dam -breach\” can trigger a war like situation between two hostile nuclear neighbouring countries of South Asia, warns South Kashmir Civil Society(SKCS) in a statement.

Zanskar Valley of Kashmir division continues to remain under threat as one of the tributaries of the Zanskar River has been blocked by a massive 200 ft high landslide dam (equal to height of a 20 storey building)- landslide dam between Shaday Sumdo and Mar Shun in the Zanskar subdivision of Kargil district has created about 14 km long lake, whose size is increasing with every passing day, SKCS said, adding that life and property of around 4000 people of about dozens of villages is at risk due to the possible flashfloods when the landslide dam breaches.

SKCS reiterates that as per expert opinions the landslide dam is made of mostly fine grained debris, while the lake is frozen till now, the threat of its breach looms as soon as the melting season starts, the landslide dam was reportedly created on Dec 31, 2014, when a whole side of mountain soil had landed on the Phuktal River and the landslide lake has been accumulating water for over seven weeks by now, whose location is N 33°17′ 25.3″ & E 77° 17′ 06.8″.

SKCS maintains that Phuktal or Tsarap River (a tributary of Lungnak River, which in turn is a major tributary of Zanskar River, which is a tributary of Indus River) is near Marshun village, about 90 km from Padum, when the dam breaches can result to flash floods and havoc to downstream population including the areas within Pakistan or under their administration. As such Society urges upon Indian government to initiate a joint strategy to avert any eventuality by taking Pakistan on board in such like situations besides Kashmiris as \”natural-participators\” to mitigate natural disasters in Zanskar, Shyok and Pirpanchal sub-regions.

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