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Date: 20 Aug 2011

August 18 news surprised many a Kashmiri. The news carried out by the Kashmir Times as well as the Hindustan Times, read like ‘Separatists stay away, Soz Attends’. According to the news report the only mainstream leader who attended the Iftar party hosted by the High Commission of Pakistan Shahid Malik was Saffu-din- Soz and the other political dignitaries like Wajahat Habibullah et al. The moment I read this news I pondered over the headline, which carried lot more weight than anything else. I questioned myself have separatists really stayed away of the Iftar Party and if the news is to be believed what was the reason? Many questions popped up in my mind, like why did they (separatists) stayed away this time and what should have been the possible alibi for their indifference, or absence? There should have been a logical rationale behind the move, I answered. However, what came into my mind was that Pakistan might have changed its stance once again to show how concerned it is, to give peace another change. Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Ms Khar delighted separatists the moment she landed on Indian soil by conversing with the separatist camp, but its High Commissioner, instead Mr Malik exhibited his diplomatic skills by pleasing mainstream politicians from India and Kashmir.


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