Killing of Yatris – An inhuman Act

                                       (By Abdul Majid Zargar)

I strongly & unequivocally condemn the dastardly attack on a yatri bus  resulting in killing of seven innocent Yatris besides injuries to many. While humanity has been shamed with this cowardly act, I appeal Shree  Amarnath Shrine board to provide maximum compensation to the families of those killed and injured. At the same time, I would like the Indian public in general & its Civil society in particular to ponder over following questions without being aggressive & judgmental:

  1. That 14thlegislative elections in Gujrat are to be held soon.
  2. That Amit Shah, President of BJP has already sounded the election beguele   with communal overtones galore in the campaign by raising   the 2002 derogatory anti-muslim  rants like  ‘Aliya, Maliya & Jamaliya’
  3. That a bus carrying  Shree Amarnath Yatris, all hailing from Gujrat,  was attacked in South Kashmir in  which seven Yatris have been killed & many others injured.
  4. That in contravention of the rules & regulations, all the yatris in the  bus  were unregistered  which was  plying  outside the security set-up for the yatra and even travelling beyond7.00 PM deadline prescribed for such travel.
  5.    it is strange that this 56 seater bus carrying as many unregistered yatris was allowed to proceed without any check or questioning. In  a security bandobust, when even needles are checked, how was a log overlooked?
  6. That recently, Kashmir police has caught hold of a Hindu boy, by the name of ‘Sandeep Kumar’in the same area. He is being passed as an accomplice of  Bashir Lashkari, a  militant, who was killed in an operation with security forces. Strangely Sandeep was caught alive when all other militants were killed.
  7. That according to police version, the bus was caught in a cross fire. Incidentally but strangely no security personnel or any militant has been killed or injured.

Are  all these coincidences? Only an independent investigation will reveal facts which is possible only, if the present Govt. is dismissed. Let another mass murder  not go  Chittisinghpora or Wandhama way.


(The author is a practicing chartered Accountant. E mail:

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