KH Khurshid’s death anniversay on Friday

Hameed Shaheen
MUZAFFARABAD – In Azad Jammu and Kashmir the death anniversary of an ex-President of AJK late KH Khurshid is being observed on Friday. Premier Ch Abdul Majeed has set up an 8-member anniversary committee to launch the events;
KH Khurshid was the president of AJK in early sixties; he founded Jammu and Kashmir Liberation League; his politics revovled around his demand for recognition of Muzaffarabad government as successor to the Maharaja Hari Singh govt in J&K state; AJK people did not espouse this idea; Khurshid also served as MLA, succeeded by his widow after his road accident death near Gujranwala. He lived in Lahore; after death his body was buried in Muzaffarabad.
Khurshid was Private Secretary to the Founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. This link promoted him as President of AJK.

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