Kashmir will be ‘heaven on earth’ only when India’s illegal occupation ends: DeM


SRINAGAR: Dukhtaran-e-Millat on Mondaysaid the Kashmir will only be “heaven on earth” only when India ends its illegal occupation by withdrawing its brutal forces from the Valley.


In a statement, DeM general secretary, Nahida Nasreen, while reacting to the statement of Indian Home Minister, Rajnath Singh, said that Kashmir has been turned to a hell by the Indian forces and the ugly Indian occupation.


“It is India which has turned Kashmir into a killing field. Lakhs of people have been murdered by the Indian forces, lakhs have been injured and thousands remain incarcerated. The miseries of Kashmiris will end only when the illegal Indian occupation of this state ends,” she added.


She said that such visits by the Indian politicians are useless and futile and are meant to hoodwink the people as well as the International community. “There have been so many such futile exercises in the past; the only solution to Kashmir issue is to give the people here their right to self-determine their future,” she added.


“No A, Bs or Cs will work here. Only permanent solution to Kashmir issue is India leaves Kashmir by ending its illegal and brutal occupation,” she added.


Nasreen further welcomed the statement by Buddhist leader, Dalia Lama, over the issue of Rohingya Muslims.


She, however, said that mere expressing of “sadness” by Dalia Lama won’t end the oppression and miseries of the Rohingya Muslims who are being persecuted by the so-called “peaceful” Buddhist monks and the government in Myanmar.


Nasreen said that rather than uttering just words, Dalia Lama should use his influence in the Buddhist-majority Myanmar to put a stop to genocide of the innocent Muslims there.


Taking a dig at the Aang Sang Su Ki, Nasreen said that she won the Noble prize for fighting to uphold democratic norms in her country.


“But now she is doing completely opposite to that. She had an opportunity to play an important role in such crises but she chose otherwise. Concerted and collective efforts are needed to condemn and oppose her approach against the innocent Muslims,” she added.


Meanwhile, Nasreen has paid glowing tributes to the Mujahideen who were martyred in Shopian and Kulgam on Sunday andMonday respectively.


She said that the sacrifices of these Mujahideen will never go waste and people of Kashmir will continue to fight against India until the end of the illegal occupation.


She further said that police was lying by terming the arrest of the Mujahideen as “surrender”. “Police arrests the injured Mujahideen and then lie that they have surrendered , this all is being done to break the resolve of Mujahideen and people. These are just lies and nothing else,” she added. (PTK)

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