Kashmir: Why Independence? Why Self determination? Why Freedom?

By Farooq Siddiqi


Geothermal energy is potentially the largest – and presently the most misunderstood – source of energy in the world today.

We all are well aware of the political status of Jammu & Kashmir; the people understand it more clearly than the politicians, who often mould and interpret the political status of Kashmir that suits in their own political agenda and perspective. The agenda is always a driving force that focuses on an objective that a political party has to realize.

In Kashmir, unfortunately the political agenda of parties invariably in most cases gets reduced to personal agenda’s of political leaders that head the parties, understandably in a society that struggles to live in fear psychosis.

If a political agenda is based on acquiring a seat of power to relish the benefits of authority for personal well being or the well being of few in the society then such political agenda becomes malicious in its core.

If a political agenda keeps changing from time to time based on the ambience of political trend, it leads to a weakness of the agenda itself.

If a political agenda is to enforce the will of an outside force then such agenda is treacherous in its fundamental nature

Today when the sacrifices and dedication of people of Kashmir have forced the might of India and Pakistan to seriously consider the resolution of Kashmir, we see some opportunists without remorse are trying to sneak on the recompense that may be accessible.

It is thus imperative for me to make awareness about the reason of my political agenda which is sovereignty of Kashmir.

Demand of sovereign Kashmir is based on the political, social, cultural and economical reasons for the betterment of citizenry of Kashmir .It is also based on the preserving the religious ethos that Kashmir has inherited since the advent of Islam in the Valley of Kashmir and the Muslim belt.

Human being of present time has ushered in an era of progress in its political, economical, social fields. But this progress has impinged his social and cultural behavior as we have seen in the west. If the ethos of a culture is not preserved side by side while progressing; the benefit of progress is reckless.

We must learn from the mistakes of west while adapting to their technological advances. The social fragmentation in the west has started showing its signs of frustration which they are realizing now and vehemently trying to save what is left of their social fabric.

In order to preserve the ethos of Kashmir, its culture, its religious identity and its instinctive love for its land, that has inspired its inhabitants to live in harmony for centuries, need to be safe guarded against the hegemony, coercive alien culture and social behavior.

Enough has been written and said about the political aspect but little has been thought and understood about the economic and social aspect.


Economy can not be separated from evolution of technology, a society`s history and its social network. It can not be separated from the geo physical location of a region and hence bears direct effect to the extraction opportunities of its resources.

Economy refers also to the measure of how a country or region is progressing in terms of its product. The product of a state is what it can produce within what is beneath its ground or above its land.


Geothermal energy can be utilized for electricity generation and for various other types of heat direct use applications, e.g. heating purposes, fish farming, bathing etc.

In order to evolve technology, safegaurd social network, raise capital to invest, an authority is required that will drive the engine towards progress for the benefit of the people and ecology of life.

If this authority lies with outsiders who have no social network or social contract within that society, who do not share a common history and who`s physical location is out side the boundaries, then colonisation is in effect.

Neo Colonization in effect In Kashmir

“When a country’s government is overthrown by larger country and replaced by a government that coincides with the larger country’s interests. In effect, this makes the country a colony, dealing with the problem of a revolutionary uprising by delivering the impression that the colony is still self-governed”.

Neo Clonisation is what India has been persuing in Kashmir and the interests of India are or were.

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