Kashmir Human Rights Commission needs to be set up: KPI

Kashmir Human Rights Commission needs to b set up: KPI
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ISLAMABAD – Secretary General Kashmir Peace Institute Syed Hameed Shaheen Alvi has expressed the necessity of establishing J&K Human Rights Commission by the government of AJK to project the inhuman violations of birth and civic rights of Kashmiris in India-held parts of Jammu and Kashmir. This he said during his talks with a group of Kashmir refugees here on Monday. He told them that he had already emailed a human rights communication to the Prime Minister of AJK Raja Mohammad Farooque Haider Khan on Saturday on his official PM House email. It is upto him to take action or the Kashmir Council based in Islamabad should set up a Jammu and Kashmir Human Rights Commission to spotlight the human atrocities going on in Indian occupied Kashmir.
He said that the establishment of Kashmir Peace Institute by the veteran intellectual late Zahid Malik Sahib was aimed at seeking ways via talks and group contacts and discussions across the J&K region to arrive at an agreed formula for the settlement of Kashmir dispute. Unless it is solved through the application of human minds, this dispute won’t end by itself, the bloodshed would continue, security of south Asia would stay imperilled all the time.
Replying a question he said that Europe has already settled territorial problems it faced for centuries through talks and frank discussions. Why can’t the East take lead from their wisdom and get all their disputes resolved. Both the fame and wisdom of south Asian countries are at stake because of unsolved issues among them.
He suggested that those European and non-European countries who have had their diplomatic missions in Islamabad, Pakistan, should set their subsidiary sub-missions in AJK to have a closer look at the genesis of the dispute of Jammu and Kashmir and UN Security Council’s apprehensions over it in relation to world peace and security.
Kashmir refugees, he said, are the owners of their lands occupied now by Indian forces; occupation of anything does not last long as history tells us, he reminded them.

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