Kashmir has no identify without Pakistan: AJK President on Ghazi-i-Millat’s anniversary

Muzaffarabad: Ghazi-i-Millat Sardar Muhammad Ibrahim Khan was an epoch-making hero of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. In his trail-blazing political career, he led Azad Kashmir to freedom and liberation from the brutal rule of the Maharaja and later led Kashmir’s struggle for the right of self-determination.

These remarks were made by Sardar Masood Khan, President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, here at the Central Press Club on the occasion of 14th death anniversary of State of Azad Kashmir’s founding President commemorated.

Paying tribute to Sardar Ibrahim, Sardar Masood Khan said that if Sardar Ibrahim had not played his heroic and decisive role in 1947-48, there would have been no Azad Kashmir; and  if Azad Kashmir had not been liberated, the issue of Kashmir would have died for all the times, as was the case in regard to Hyderabad and Junagarh.

Sardar Ibrahim, he said, is remembered and revered as “Quaid-e-Azam Sani” (or Quaid-Azam of Jammu and Kashmir) because of his high ideals, strong commitment and his principled politics.

Sardar Masood Khan said that after the initial phase of leading the liberation moment, Sardar Ibrahim worked hard for the adoption of the UN Security Council resolutions which mandated holding of a plebiscite to ascertain the wishes of Kashmiri people. “That plebiscite has not been held until today because of India’s obduracy”.

Ghazi-i- Millat Sardar Ibrahim, the AJK President said, was a towering statesman, a neat and clean politician and an effective administrator.

President Masood Khan said that respect for Sardar Ibrahim spans more than seven decades as his  appeal is intergenerational. He said adding that in his life time he was loved by millions and even today he is a role model for younger generation.

Sardar Masood Khan said that accession to Pakistan is in the blood and DNA of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

“Pakistan is incomplete without Kashmir; and Kashmir has no identify without Pakistan”, he said.

The AJK President said that if the Maharajah of Kashmir, the Indian rulers and British Viceroy  had not conspired and colluded in 1947 to disrupt the historical trend and aspiration of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir would have become part of Pakistan.

“This therefore is an unfinished business for Pakistan and Kashmiris, as for the international community”, the President said.

“Today India kills and terrorizes Kashmiris seventy years later to bludgeon them into submission, but the Kashmiris reject India’s occupation and tyranny”, he said.

Sardar Masood Khan said that all political parties and all Governments in Azad Kashmir have vowed that Kashmir would accede to Pakistan. It was, he said,  in fact seventy years ago at the residence of Sardar Ibrahim in Srinagar that  the resolution of Jammu and Kashmir’s  accession  to Pakistan was passed.

“History has proved that this was a far-sighted and prescient decision by the founding fathers of Azad Kashmir”, the President said.

Sardar Masood Khan said that come what may Kashmiris will secure their right to self-determination despite India’s repression and machinations.

“The night of Indian oppression and brutalities would come to an end and dawn of freedom is our destiny. Nobody can stop Kashmiris from attaining  this fundamental right”, he said

President Masood Khan demanded that international community must cast away its cloak of expediency and the so-called impartiality,   as well as appeasement of India; and help Pakistan and other freedom loving forces to end India’s crimes against humanity in the Indian Occupied Kashmir. He also demanded that the UN Secretary General, Mr. Antonio Gutterres,  should intercede to save Kashmiris form the scourge of war imposed on them by India.

“The time has to come for Pakistan and Kashmiris to consider raising the war crimes in Indian Occupied Kashmir at the UN Security Council invoking Chapter 7 of the UN Charter”, the AJK President said.

Sardar Masood Khan appealed to the Kashmiris, people of Pakistan and the diaspora community to carry forward the mission  of Ghazi-i-Millat Sardar Ibrahim Khan by forging unity, by raising Kashmir issue at the UN and other international forums, by using the new strengths of the diaspora community and by strategically leveraging the media.

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