Kashmir- Where Grief And Pain Rule

Keh Raha Hai Dastan Baydari-E-Ayam Ki
Koh Ke Daaman Mein Woh Gham Khana’ay Dehqaan-E-Peer

(The old farmer’s cottage, on the mountainside, where pain and grief ever rule—tells its sad story of Fate’s hard lot.)

Dr Allama Iqbal (Armaghan-e-Hijaz-24)

When i woke up,  i see my face full of worries. This is the common and  bizarre feeling which every Kashmiri observe here every day. Eyes are not that much moist to drop a tear.The heart doesn’t oozes blood after being hurt anymore. Only reason behind is  the unending atrocities from their only tyrant ruler and had hyalined the every feeling and emotions.  Lethal weapons are not the only substances which are taking our lives but also the big lies after killing the innocency of kashmir make us more numb. Some targeted Kashmirayat with ISI and some with the hoax theme of religion. And results in layering the real issue with the lies of all colours. All this is not new to Kashmir , but facing these lull and storm from many decades.

Again we lost many innocent lives and our gat rulers leave thousands half-dead. Hundreds of young Kashmiri lost vision during this turmoil. Every element is being used to depress the real voice of Kashmir. Kashmir issue – which is strangling around from 1947 and decades cross with ending of imperialism in most parts of world expect us. In this era of modern world , Kashmir is still occupied under the 8 lac armed forces , which makes this part of world the highest militarized state.

   Why we are all time under the focus of Gun point?

Why an outsider asks me to prove my identity for being a Kashmiri. Are we born to Suffer !
I am the youth born in the mid nineties. My childhood lost in air ,while hearing the shots of gun. Remembering those nights of childhood , when our whole family ran away from home to neighbourhood, only to avoid the atrocities from the indian troops and renegades .
Our school life was not exciting and amazing. Morning assemblies were skipped most times to face the crack-down. Why our generation is not ready to accept this atrocities prevailing in kashmir? . Because when our feet should step to run for cricket or other games – our feet run only to save life from bullets. When our age was to smell the fragrance of flowers , we smell the smoke of poisonous tear-gases .

   Why a Kashmiri pelt a stone? Is this anguish again atrocities or funded/corrupted youth ?.
No , we are not corrupted at all , we are being killed for mourning the death of innocents. Our anguish was always defamed with the names of Pakistan conspiracy, unemployment etc. The real issue – Plebiscite for Kashmir was always kept way from the lim-light.

First slogan which i  heard during my childhood  was  ” Khoonay Shaheedah Rang laye ga” ( The Blood of The Martyr’s will bear fruit one day ) . 

And after two decades still these slogans are being shouted while taking the Kashmiri martyr for burial to the  graveyard.

Whole valley is under curfew for more than a week , normal life is severely crippled. National media is still blaming the neighbourhood countries behind the anguish of kashmir and avoiding the atrocities of indian government. This is the abject humiliation to the sentiments of every Kashmiri. The issue is the dispute of Kashmir , which is hanging like a centre-ball and every is hitting this ball (Kashmir) the way their mindset wishes. No one is wishing for the real thing needed for Kashmir. Why Kashmir is on the street? No one wants to know. They are demarcating their resolution on its own.

Time has reached not to raise the kashmir dispute only in the days of conflict. Peaceful days are also the perfect time to find the core reason of the turmoil. Otherwise, the day is not far, when the whole world will see the stone in every hand of Kashmiri for the freedom of Kashmir.

Aaqib Javaid is from Doru Shahabad, Islamabad & Student of Intellectual property rights at Jamia Hamdard University . Email : masteraaqib@gmail.com


Aaqib Javaid

Student of Intellectual Property Rights at Jamia Hamdard University, New Delhi. Home Town: Doru Shahabad, Islamabad, Kashmir.

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