Kashmir Centre Brussels Holds Demonstration Outside Indian Embassy

Kashmir Centre Brussels Holds Demonstration Outside Indian Embassy

Brussels: The ICHR Kashmir Centre.EU today hosted a demonstration outside the Indian yesterday.

On this day in 1948 thousands of Indian troops landed in Kashmir to begin, what we now know to be, the longest ongoing militarised occupation of modern times. This day is known to Kashmiris and Kashmiri supporters as a black day.

Barrister A. Majid Tramboo, chairman of Kashmir Centre.EU said:

In that time we have witnessed human rights abuse on a massive scale perpetrated with internal and international impunity. Tens of thousands have been raped and tortured, victims of arbitrary arrest, enforced disappearance, extra-judicial execution and more.

We stand here to show our unwavering commitment to achieving peace in Kashmir and achieving emancipation for those who still live under the Indian occupation. As demonstrations take place in all of the major cities of the world it is this solidarity that will carry the people of Kashmir in the direction of a just and peaceful settlement, a settlement that they have peacefully sought for over six decades.

On the global stage India bills itself as the largest democracy yet continues to occupy a whole nation of people against their will. At this time the European Union is negotiating a free trade agreement with India that is bereft with setbacks and problems. Of the multitude of problems plaguing the Indian political psyche and the Indian nation Kashmir is at the very top. They still enforce a caste system, a system of endemic systematic racism, that is centuries behind the true democracies of this world. Their police are out of control and using brutality with impunity nationwide, these problems are magnified in Kashmir. Despite their other problems they are yet to begin to face the greatest embarrassment of all; they are yet to address the Kashmir issue. Until they have addressed this, how can Indian have true legitimacy as a democratic nation on the international stage?

In August 2008 the European Union passed an urgency resolution calling upon India to investigate the discovery of almost one thousand mass graves in Kashmir. Three years later, and despite the involvement of the UN, they have yet to allow investigation into these sites, and they are yet to re-unite the bodies with their families and loved ones. Now, in 2011, three thousand more bodies are discovered. Such discoveries are a disgrace to the nation of India and an international black mark on what is billed as the largest democracy in the world.

With such issues so clear how can India expect to ever achieve a coveted permanent seat on the UN security council? The international community has asked that they get their house in order before they are even given serious consideration. We say to India, begin with Kashmir.

The struggle for a free Kashmir still hits obstacles as those with a different agenda try their utmost to stifle any person or organisation that goes against the writ of the Indian government. Those who have defended the people of Kashmir the most are also those who in turn are made to suffer by the Indian government or by one of their proxies. KCEU will continue to work towards the realisation of self-determination for the a of Kashmir until it is achieved, no intimidation or political wranglings can change the moral truth. Therefore it will not change the aim of the Kashmir Centre, nor will it change the aims of the supporters gathered here yesterday.

Among others who participated in the demonstration included Raja Zaheer Ahmed, Co-ordinator Advisory Council to Kashmir Centre.EU, Khalid Mahmood, Nawaz Butt, Pakistan Peoples Party, G. Bhatti, Meher Ali Safdar(PMLN), Mirza Mazar and Afzal Tahir (PML (Q)), Khan Jabar Khan (J&K Peoples Party), Maqsood Jarval (AJK PML (N)), Sabir Ahmad Jaral (JKLF), Amin Ul-Haq (MQM), Chaudhry Saffar Ahmed (AJKPP), Chaudhry Shamim Ahmad, Niaz Ahmed Tarar, Tariq Insaf, Nasir Ahmed Chaudhry (AJKPP), Iftikhar Ahmad (Chairman Pak-Belg Welfare), Malik Iqlaq Awan (Patron PPP).

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