Kashmir: The bleeding Paradise

Our Kashmir which has been an quintessence of charisma and fantasy for every living and loving heart of the world from time immemorial has now turned into a place where roads are red with the blood of our young Kashmiri sons, where river Jhelum is crammed with the dead bodies of our disappeared near and dears, where jail and police stations are overflowing with young Kashmiri students, where streets are swarming with police and armed personnel inspite of Kashmiri public, where young girls are molested, raped, killed and thrown in some barren garden or fields, where screams of mothers and sisters can be heard from every home, where eyes of old parents never sleep because of unending pursuit of their beloved sons, where every mother worries whether her son would come back home alive or not and where every Kashmiri feel himself in an ambiance of restlessness and uncomfort.
I am very apologetic to say that but the mishandling of recent arrived Burhan tsunami in the valley has butchered 38 + innocent hearts and injured nearly 1600. To your revelation this is not the true report as valley is totally cut with all internet connections so true report is still awaiting. In addition to this use of pellet guns are damaging the eyes of our people for ever. Implementation of section144 in the valley has curtailed all sort of medical help to the injured and other patients especially mothers who have to give birth to their young one’s. From such type of situation it is clearly evident that Kashmir is the only place in the world where human rights are violated to a large extent. Where slogans are answered in beatings, where mere suspicion is answered in arrest, where stone is answered in bullets and where injury is answered in dead body. Burhan tsunami is not the only incident when armed personnel have opened direct fire over protesting mob but if you unfold any unrest of the valley you would find one killing leads to many killings in the Kashmir. Every time when valley fell in the deep George of unrest this unrest gets multiplied by the mishandling of authorities. Inspite of cooling the mob by firing on their legs or in air, they open firing on their chests, this brutal act further increases the anger of public and unrest keeps on increasing, as is happening this time. Direct firing looks as if authorities have no feeling for the lives of others.

Today when world is celebrating the spirit of freedom of personal choice to live. It is very hard for me to comprehend what happen to this spirit when the question of Kashmiri freedom of choice arises? Why Indian authority is reluctant to give Kashmiri their right to choose their way. Sea of gathering which appeared in the funeral procession of Burhan Wani has given a clear message to the world community at large that time has arrived to have plebiscite in the valley as per the promise made by first prime minister of India Shri Jawahar Lal Nehru.

It is a matter of great fret that today our educated lot is joining the path of violence. Thing to ponder here is that a prudent man in no circumstances would choose the path of death so there is surely a strong base which forces Kashmiri race to agitate and ask for that which was promised them and that is a referendum. As per Physics law if we apply force on a spring it will jump with a force proportional to the force applied. In the similar fashion if Indian Govt. forcibly patch this small section of valley with them they would keep on agitating, killing and dying. More over Indian Govt. every year spend crores of money over security forces this in turn is damaging Indian economy. Plebiscite in such circumstances is the most humane decision which can solve all the problems and can stop death of human race whether militant armed forces or civilians.

It is a ripe time for Shri Narendera Modi to come forward and take a humanly step of passing an order of plebiscite in the valley. This can be the only effective ointment over the profusely bleeding wounds of Kashmiri people and millions of armed personnel who have lost their lives during this turmoil. This step could make Narendra Modi’s name eternal in the history of Kashmir.

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