Kashmir Black Day: Protest rally held outside UN office in South Africa

Pretoria: A strong crowd of around 300 Pakistanis with local sympathisizers protested outside UN office in South Africa capital city Pretoria. The protest was organized by  South African Kashmir Action Group (SAKAG) and  Pakistan Association of South Africa (PASA). Human right activists, politicians, scholars, academicians, youth, Jounalists, businessmen,women forums, civil societies and other known members of religious and communities organization joined the protest rally.
Founder of SAKAG Salman Khan welcomed the participants for showing community solidarity with oppressed people of Kashmir and the women and childten caught on crossfire of Kashmir conflict.
Raja Fakhar President of PASA in his speech appeased to Pakistani immigrant community to play an active role to highlight the issue of Kashmir in South Africa and requested for community unity and cooperation in all parts of South Africa.  In his speech he stressed the ineffectiveness of the UN role to resolve the matter of Kashmir.  He further stressed the unacceptable brutalities and atrocities committed by Indian forces in Indian occupied Kashmir, He assured his political party unequivocally support to the cause of Kashmir and will raise the issue at all levels of government in South Africa.
Rabia Khan human rights activist and head of SAKAG women wing expressed her bitter disappointment towards local muslim community for non supportive behaviour and questioned their loyalty to Islam.  She demanded the answer from local community and so called human right activists those who beat their chest for Palestine and Rohingya human rights but for Kashmiri Muslims they turn blind eyes.  She warned them of  wrath of Allah on those false money collector human right activists and deplored their double standards character as “munafiqeen“.  Advocate Ziyaad Patel human rights lawyer and litigator stressed in his speech the urgency to put an immediate stop to all human rights violations in Indian occupied Kashmir and demanded a full level human right violations investigations by local and international panel of human right bodies.  He demanded the withdrawal of Indian armed forces from Kashmir. Among other speakers from Pakistani community, religious bodies and civil societies were Nasir Khan, Amanaat Ali Tarar, Mohammed Butt, Maulana Sarfaaraz, Mohammed Bilal who expressed their dismay on the status quo of Kashmir and offered their full support and solidarity with people of Kashmir.

Event closing Dua was offered by Maulana Sarfraz.  In closing remarks SAKAG chairman Salman Khan requested to PASA president and her members to open a chapter of Kashmir support in all PASA branches in the country. The request was met with immediate approval and acceptance by it leadership. Further more letters of support for Kashmir struggle by arch Bishop Desmond Tutu, MRN, ADF African diaspora community were also read on the occasion.

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