Kasab and Unanswered Questions

Kasab and Unanswered Questions

In order to keep India very much secure from any sort of war then its leaders has to think and eradicate the roots where from such kinds of fruits sprout

Mohd Ishaq Begh

The execution of Ajmal Amir Kasab by the Indian Government was a much awaited demand of huge population of India. The execution itself is a joy to those who lost their dear ones in the Mumbai attacks but also is a political drama which has been played by the players of politics. No doubt it was an end of a scene whose beginning was created when Mumbai was attacked o 26-11 in which 166 people were killed.

This dreadful act raised numerous queries in the world affairs but sans answers. The queries which remained unanswered and were totally ignored are in numbers, but need is to mention some of them.

(1) Why Qasab and his companions committed this offence?

(2) Why acts like 26/11 are happening in India?

(3) Did India really took any concrete step to stop such acts?

(4) Did India ever tried to overcome such happenings?

(5) Did India ever wanted to address the root causes?

(6) Is the execution of any culprit solution of the problems?

(7) To talk about outcomes without talking about bases, is it the job of elite group?

The answers are beyond the debris of these jolts, where no one wants to visit. It is crystal and clear that killing in any form is not a solution of any conflict. This is also a fact that execution of any culprit can not yield any fruit for the majority of people, because the roots remain there and are untouched.

Is there anybody living in India, who can give any sort of guarantee to its co-citizens regarding the future attacks? Obviously no one can. But there are certain areas which need to be visited for bright and secure future. In order to keep India very much secure from any sort of war then its leaders has to think and eradicate the roots where from such kinds of fruits sprout. As the root of trouble is being discussed here then it should be clearly understood that for India it is Kashmir issue which remained there where it was. This issue is responsible for the three dreadful wars of past including militancy in Jammu and Kashmir. Wars are wars in terms of loss but the militancy itself played the role of tyranny in Jammu and Kashmir. Thousands of innocent people were killed in this battlefield and the whole world watched it. Not a single concrete step was taken in the past towards the solution. People in India and Pakistan saw many negative aspects of the division of 1947 and they also bear the fruits of it. But it is the Kashmir which is paying for what it not did. Kashmir is that land which has many half widows, thousands of families which are without bread winners, thousands of families who are still waiting for their disappeared ones and thousands of innocent children who lost their parents in this conflict. And it is cent percent Kashmir issue which created the bitterness between India and Pakistan. Leave the past wars fought between India and Pakistan aside and talk about the horrible attacks 0f 26/11 in Mumbai. These attacks took about 166 lives of those people who never supported any kind of battle or any kind of rift between India and Pakistan. The sole survivor of 26/11 Ajmal Qasab was apprehended by the security agencies of India after killings. This person was found guilty in many offences but the major one which I think was responsible for his execution i.e. “waging war against the Indian state”. We know the fact that to wage a war against any state is a big crime, but here again it is necessary to mention that Qasab according to India was a citizen of Pakistan who waged war against the Indian state. In order to understand the whole situation one question struck our mind, why a foreign citizen waged such a war. And it clearly indicates that two different nations got involved in this offence one attacked and other got killed. The foreign element which attacked was totally ignored in past otherwise this all would not have been happened.

The involvement of another citizen is the indication of bitterness present between the two states. And it could not be wrong if we name this bitterness as Kashmir issue. Kashmir issue was the gap between good relations of India and Pakistan in past and may remain in future if kept unsolved. Too many CBM’s were discussed by the leaders of two nations in past but nothing fruitful yielded. Whole world acknowledged this fact that it is Kashmir dispute which never allowed these two nations to come closer and this is the one which always kept them near the war.

For some time if fighting a war is ruled out but insurgency can’t be ruled out. Leave war and its effects aside, it is insurgency which effects the civilian population to a great extent. Message which came out from 26/11 attacks is that the roots of such acts lye in the Kashmir issue which needs a solution. It should be understood with cool minds that it is Kashmir issue which triggered past three wars, many blasts, parliament attack and 26/11 Mumbai attacks then how can be the civil population safe in future. All types of killings needs to be condemned but on the other side it is human rights which need to be protected and respected at all costs. Without solving this core issue it is then a rotten mind which will think about safe future. It is the duty of leadership of both the nations to come forward and profound a solution which will ensure a safe and bright future.

Author is Kashmir based scholar. Email: ishaqbeghkullar@gmail.com

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