Kamaal again! Says India stubborn on Kashmir

Kamaal again! Says India stubborn on Kashmir

‘Indira-Abdullah Accord Was Compulsion’


Baramulla, Nov 17: Terming the Indian attitude towards Kashmir as stubborn, senior National Conference (NC) leader and party General Secretary Dr Mustafa Kamaal on Saturday said that New Delhi has not sincerely addressed various issues which could have restored a sense of confidence among the people of the State.

“Be it 1953 or post Indira-Abdullah Accord, New Delhi has opposed all our genuine demands. With the result, the people of the State were pushed towards hardships,” Dr. Kamaal said while addressing party workers at Dak-Bungalow here.

He said when people like Ram Jethmalani or the working groups constituted by India advocate revocation of ‘draconian’ laws like AFSPA, reduction in military, they are not branded as anti-India “but when Mustafa Kamaal advocates the same, I am labeled as anti-India.”

He said that his party’s stand on Kashmir is clear that the issue needs to be resolved and Kashmir should act as a bridge for peace between India and Pakistan.

While showing his disregard to the policies of Pakistan towards Kashmir, Kamaal said the country’s Kashmir policy too had never been constructive and instead lead to the division of the State.

“Sending raiders to Jammu and Kashmir led to the division of State. Even Sardar Abdul Qayoom of Azad Kashmir has echoed same sentiments in his book that Pakistan’s policy towards Kashmir has failed miserably,” Kamaal said.

He said his party will stand for the reunification of divided Kashmir and the issue will be NC’s main slogan in the 2014 Assembly elections.

Addressing the party workers, Kamaal said that Indira-Abdullah Accord was not an accord but a compulsion to raise the living standards of the people of the State.

He said though Pakistan brought in militancy in the State, however Government of India is responsible for the non-redress of some basic issues.

Lashing out at PDP and its patron Mufti Muhammad Sayed, Kamaal said that Mufti was working against the aspirations of Kashmiris and is part of a lobby headed by former Governor Jagmohan.

He said right from 1953 Mufti was responsible for the political instability in the State and has even played a role in not only bringing Governor’s Rule but also insurgency in JK.

“Mufti Muhammad Sayed is responsible for the miseries of people of the State. He has been pioneer in handing over the affairs of the State to Jagmohan,” Mustafa Kamaal said.

He said PDP leader Muzaffar Hussain Baig has served as Advocate General of former Governor Jagmohan and describe Baig as ‘enemy of Kashmiris.’

He said PDP won several seats in 2002 and 2008 elections with the help of Hizbul Mujahideen and Jama’at-e-Islami.


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