KAC condemns killings, calls urgent Kashmir solution

KAC condemns killings, calls urgent Kashmir solution

Hameed Shaheen

ISLAMABAD: The Board of Directors of the Kashmiri American Council (KAC) has strongly condemned the ongoing custodial killings and fake encounters in India-held parts of Jammu and Kashmir State, urging the world powers to help resolve the oldest Kashmir dispute as a series of newest ones have been settled via UN good offices like Southern Sudan, Montenegro, East Timor, and near-resolution Western Sahara issue in Africa, says an email message to the Daily Pakistan Observer here on Friday.

The condemnatory reaction of the KAC came as on August 7, 2011, Indian army claimed to have killed a militant and divisional commander of Lashkere Taiba whom the Indians named as Abu Usman after a gun battle in Surankote/Poonch of occupied Jammu region.

But Indians own later investigation showed the deceased a Hindu civilian. In Sopore a Kashmiri youth Nazim Rashid was killed under police custody. The KAC Board said the Indian security forces are brutishly staging pick-and-kill orgy of deaths, extrajudicial killings, trampling upon human rights, custodial murders, using rape as a tool to humiliate the population to break their self-sustained peaceful struggle for self-determination.

This horrendous killing, brutality, unstopped and unpunished atrocities unleashed against the defenseless Kashmiris is a deliberate, systematic and officially sanctioned massive campaign, enough proof for the international community to intervene to save Kashmiris and solve Kashmir dispute. Seeing such peak atrocities the Human Rights Watch wrote an eye-opener on June 30, 2008: “Impunity has led the members of the security forces to believe that they can get away with attacks”.

The KAC demanded an impartial investigation into the recent killings, release of all political prisoners, repeal of draconian laws, withdrawal of troops from urban and city centers and allowing free expression of political views to the Kashmiris. The Board stressed that no amount of wishful thinking would resolve this outstanding dispute between Pakistan and India. It needs the understanding of international community in general and of US in particular, including full participation of the Kashmiris leadership in all future negotiations.

It reminded that the UNO has already brought about happy endings to a number of international disputes like Namibia, self-rule in East Timor, Montenegro and Southern Sudan and made possible plebiscite in Western Sahara. Kashmir being oldest among all disputes, pending in UN Security Council, needs urgent attention of the world, particularly of the United States of America to guarantee peace, prosperity and resolution of Kashmir in South Asia. Be it recalled that the KAC chairperson Dr Ghulam Nabi Fai is currently under electronically monitored house-confinement in the USA.

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