Judiciary delivered bold verdicts even in Martial Law: Chief Justice AJK

MIRPUR – Chief Justice of AJK Mr Justice Mohammad Azam Khan has underlined the urgency and importance of strengthening understanding between the Bench and the Bar saying it facilitates correct interpretation of law to deliver speedy justice to the litigants. “A strong Bar is the strength of the judiciary. I have great pride in the judiciary of Azad Jammu and Kashmir who delivered bold, dignified and impartial judgements in all phases of history – democratic,  martial law and even in unfavorable conditions”, he observed according to a media report.
He appreciated the role of the Lawyers Bar Association for their significant role in the process of dispensation of justice to the aggrieved parties. He paid tributes to the Mirpur Bar Association for its role in restoration of judiciary movement, Kashmir’s freedom struggle. It produced famed jurists, lawyers and politicians.
Chief Justice M Azam Khan reiterated that for the successful running of system of a country the independent roles of legislature, judiciary and administration are of utmost importance. He observed that the litigants have had to pass through the passage of difficulties unless law and constitution are fully implemented. When the poor people lose their rights, they resort to the judiciary and it is at this stage that the lawyers must come forward to help, guide the justice-seekers. Every sufferer of rights want immediate justice, he added.

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