Journalism, a great boon to contemporary society

No doubt, today the journalism is acting as a back bone to our vast established society. As our body crumple with out the support of our skeleton system, likewise, we cannot even imagine a perfect functioned and version free society deprived of our journalists community.
The rise of population has bowed the civilized face of human race at large.

This prompt and incessant rise of population has given birth to struggle for air, food and space, according to Darwin theory of evolution .This resist for subsistence has taken a devilish face in today’s society, in which every one is eager to annihilate or kill other . This ambiance has also resulted in mushrooming of all devilish traits in, we humans. Today every man is conspiring about other’s property and life, every one is conspiring to grab other’s rights , every one is conspiring to misuse his or her clout over other, every one is conspiring to build his or her castle over other’s graveyard ,every one is desirous to reach at skies by burning innocent’s hut, every one wants to accumulate wealth by snatching poor’s wage .It will not be wrong to say that, these human acts have turned oxygenated surrounding into diluted one, in which, it become very hard to breath .In this gloomy sphere, the only source of oxygen is our journalist community. They are acting as a life line. It is their work, which is imposing a check over the exploitation of vulnerable human beings.

Our journalists have created a lucidity between two pillars of society that is, government and public. Today with firm dedication, intelligentsia and sea of knowledge, they are succeeded in bringing before the masses the imposture free face of our rulers , aristocrats and beurocrates . I wanted to say that it is because of our journalist community that today every naive can claim his or her basic civil liberties. Today every human is free to enjoy his or her fundamental rights, with out any fear and restriction because of firm back of media community, as they stand for everyone irrespective of cast, color and creed. They are more likely to be called as mouth piece of our helpless and innocent public

Journalists are acting as explainers of different so called government schemes to general masses . It is only due to their efforts that different government schemes reach to the knock and corners of human existence. They are also responsible for creating a web, which has linked every corner of world it is only their perseverance to work that we become able to know about happenings of our neighboring country in particular and whole cosmos in general .It is their pen which has turned million miles stretched universe into a global village.

History speaks that pen is more potent than sword and pages of history are also full with examples of revolutions brought by pen . The most living example before us, is the independence struggle of India. Different strategies of father of nation, Mahatma Gandhi spread through out India through different news papers, which united whole India and with a powerful tsunami, Indians have thrown English men away from our country. Today every news paper is filled with news items of scams of our prominent politicians it is only because of dedication of our journalist that defaulters can be sent behind the bars, the case of Jaiyalalita is great example in this pretext . In addition to this the heroic contribution of our courageous journalist in saving lives during recent flood havoc in Kashmir can also not be ignored. I will not vacillate to compare our journalists to ozone layer which hamper ultra violet rays of exploitation prejudice and disparity from getting down to general mass, thus provide an ambiance of insulation.

Many social evils prevailing in our society like dowry, child marriage, child labor, women exploitation, female abuse, mass trafficking flesh trade and forced prostitution are also highlighted by our privileged journalists, from time to time. It is only their effort that we succeeded in making laws against these societal parasites which are eating away our humanity slowly and steadily. In today’s state of affairs, it is only a correspondent, who lives a life of self deference. His persona is devoid of pretense and subordination. He never bow down before erroneous .This intrepid life style have posed a sort of dread over the psyche of criminals and wrong doers especially imposters who apparently pose to be honored but are corrupt from with in . In short they have left no stone unturned to remove every hindrance from the path of expansion and prosperity. Our modern civilization cannot walk a step forward without their aid.

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