JKCHR to raise displaced Kashmiris’ issue at UN Human Rights Council

JKCHR to raise displaced Kashmiris’ issue at UN Human Rights Council

London: Jammu and Kashmir Council for Human Rights (JKCHR) headed by Dr Syed Nazir Gilani has decided to raise the question of displaced Kashmiris and other Kashmiris stranded in various capitals of the world pending decisions on their asylum applications at the 19th session of UN Human Rights Council starting on 27 February to 23 March 2012. JKCHR is currently assisting Kashmiris stranded in 19 countries.

JKCHR has continued its robust interest in the Human Rights of displaced Kashmiris and has held first ever Round Table Conference on the rights of 2 million displaced Kashmiris in Islamabad, Pakistan. It was attended by all the party heads of mainstream political parties in Azad Kashmir and other schools of opinion in Azad Kashmir and Pakistan on 16 February 1996.

JKCHR has presented a paper titled ‘Four Generations of Victims in Kashmir’, at the 8th International Symposium on Victimology, organised by the Australian Society of Victimology, held on 21-26 August 1994 in Adelaide – Australia. JKCHR paper has been published in the 1993-94 International Debates of Victimology – Volume WSVN.

\”We invite Kashmiris stranded as displaced people in any part of the world and their well-wishers on their behalf to mail us the necessary details of their cases, so that the matter is raised during the 19th Session of UN Human Rights Council\”, press release adds.

Interested parties have been advised to visit JKCHR website ( www.jkchr.com ) in this regard and mail or fax the necessary information to either its Headquarters in London or regional offices in Kashmir and Pakistan.

In its first ever instance since the armed conflict began in Kashmir in 1988 any organisation at international level has made an effort to raise the issue of stranded and displaced Kashmiris which have been forced to leave their homes.

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