JD(U) castigates Govt of India for labelling Rohingyas as ‘terrorists’

Srinagar: Castigating BJP led Central Government for opposing the stay of Rohingya Muslims in India, Janata Dal United has said India needs to take measures to curb saffron terrorists instead of targeting a helpless community that has been displaced from their own country.

In a statement to news agency CNS, Janata Dal United Jammu and Kashmir Chief, GM Shaheen said that action should be initiated against those who spread terrorism in the name of national interest.

“If they call Rohingya Muslims as terrorists, what are then those who butchered innocent Muslims in Gujarat ? What about those who killed people in Malegaon Maharashtra ?”

GM Shaheen said that without any proof India declared Rohingyas as terrorists. “This mindset will only lead to disaster. The Indian stand on Rohingya Muslims has exposed it globally. The country that was once known for magnanimity has turned out to be a country of narrow and intolerant leaders,” Shaheen said.  (CNS)

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