Pro Indian party says PDP-BJP coalition responsible for civilian killings in Kashmir

Srinagar: Condemning the killing of two civilians in South Kashmir’s Pulwama’s district, pro Indian political party Janta Dal United while blaming the PDP-BJP coalition responsible for innocent killings in Kashmir Valley Saturday said that the incumbent government particularly the People’s Democratic Party has miserably failed to protect the rights of the people in Valley.

Addressing a press conference here in Srinagar, General Secretary Mirza Sajad Hussain Beigh said that India has a different policy for Kashmir which is based on force and kill. He said that every time a civilian gets killed, probe is being ordered but till date the outcome of thousands of probes still shrouds in mystery.

“Both State and Central Governments adopt two yardsticks, one for Srinagar another for Jammu. People of Kashmir are treated as untouchables who are being deprived of all kinds of amenities and even when they protest against such injustice, they are being cane charged,” he said.

He said maiming, blinding and killing of people in Kashmir have become a routine and there is nobody in the government who can make the ‘killers’ accountable and bring them to justice. (CNS)


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