Jammu Kashmir is not any legal part of India like Bihar, UP: Geelani

Jammu Kashmir is not any legal part of India like Bihar, UP: Geelani

Allotment of land to Indian army in JK, a direct attack on special status of the state

Srinagar: Hurriyat Conference (G) Executive Body (Majlish Shoora) today held a meeting at Hyderpora under the chair of its Chairman Syed Ali Geelani which was attended by the heads and representatives of Kashmir Freedom Front, People’s League, Tehreek-e-Mazahamat, Tehreek-e-Wahdat-i-Islami, Muslim Democratic League, Islamic Political Party, Muslim Khawateen Markaz, Kashmir Tehreek-e-Khawateen, Employees Movement, People’s Freedom League, Mass Movement, Democratic Political Movement, Muslim Conference and Tehreek-e-Hurriyat. The issues like the plans of allotting the land to the former army personals of India in the Kashmir and the harassment of Muslims in the entire Jammu region including the Pirpanjal and Chenab Valley regions at the hands of the communal parties were thoroughly discussed in today’s meeting and Hurriyat conference held deliberations over the future strategy in this regard.

While categorically rejecting the plans of the Indian government of permanently settling the retired Indian army personals or their children in Jammu & Kashmir, the ‘Majlish Shoora’ said that Jammu Kashmir is an internationally accepted disputed territory and the decision for its future is still pending so the settling or allotting of land to any army personal or any citizen of India is the clear violation of the international rules and it has no constitutional or moral justification. Jammu & Kashmir is not any legal part of Indian like the states of Bihar, UP or the Maharashtra and its status is totally different from them.

Issuing the citizenship of this state to any Indian national is totally against the state constitution and this restriction can’t be removed by the order of any Indian minister.

While terming the attitude of the Mufti government on this issue as ambiguous and doubtful, the Majlish Shoora said that the Indian defense minister Manohar Parrikar had although said while responding to a question in Rajya Sabha that he had sent directions to the state government in Srinagar on 16 July for taking appropriate action in the allotment of the state land to the former Indian army personals but neither Mufti Mohammad Sayeed nor his any other minister has refuted or supported that and nor has it came to fore that what is the stand of the state government on this sensitive issue.

The Executive Council cautioned that the allotment of the land to the retired Indian army personals in Jammu & Kashmir will be a direct attack on the special status of the state so the Hurriyat Conference will oppose this move tooth and nail in every possible way and a public consensus will also be mobilized in this regard.

While taking strong notice of the harassment and troubling of the Muslim population of the Pirpanjal, Chenab Valley regions and Jammu Kashmir at the hands of the communal parties, the Executive Council announced that the Muslims of the Jammu region will not be left on the mercy of the Bajrangi people and a joint movement will be initiated in this regard along with all the pro-freedom people and people related to different walks of life. BJP and its likeminded parties are preparing to repeat the history of another 47 in Jammu division however they should know that much water has flown from the River Jehlum from 1947 till date and this time the people in Kashmir are very sensitive and cautious with regarding to their Jammu brethren and they will not hesitate in giving any kind of sacrifice to protect the life, dignity, honour and property of their compatriots.

The ‘Majlish Shoora’ lashed out at the Mufti Sayeed government for surrendering Jammu division to the BJP like communal and fascist party and confined themselves just as spectators. PDP has now only concern with the chair of power and have handed over the fate of this state to the BJP. While terming the treatment and behavior with the Jammu Muslims as unacceptable and intolerable, the ‘Majlish Shoora’ decided that a public awareness complain will be started at first stage in this regard and if the activities of the communal forces continued, then a joint movement will be started in the Valley against this and every step will be taken to safeguard the Muslims of the Jammu region, hurriyat spokesman said Valley Media Service in a statement.

While terming the overall situation of the Jammu & Kashmir as alarming and shocking, Chairman Hurriyat Syed Ali Geelani at the end of the meeting in his presidential address said that since the BJP-PDP government came into power in the state, the human rights violations have increased to the dangerous level. On the one hand the Jammu Muslims are being harassed, abused and insulted at the hands of the communal forces and on the other hand the unending process of mysterious killings, arrests and house to house search operations has been started in the Kashmir valley.

He said that the communal and fascist government of India wants to practice their plans of cultural aggression in this state with the help of their military might and they want to eliminate and erase our religious and cultural identity here. And for this purpose, the liquor, drug addiction and other evil activities are promoted on government level and our youths are their prime target.

While appealing the people particularly youths of the nation to practice and follow the teachings of the Islam, Geelani said that the only nations with best character and iron will can achieve their goal and bad character people never gain anything in their life. (VMS)

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