Jammu Kashmir cannot be resolved without China

Jammu Kashmir cannot be resolved without China

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A genuine and credible resolution of Jammu Kashmir issue cannot be solved properly without involving China which also has been occupying a part of Jammu Kashmir.

Interestingly, China has not made any statement regarding its occupation of Jammu Kashmir apart from India and Pakistan. China’s continued silence on the complicated issue even when Kashmiri Muslims are targeted by Indian forces and when India and Pakistani forces blast each other at the LOC, makes the resolution more difficult than we can imagine.

Interestingly, again, neither India nor Pakistan even mention about China’s part in the resolution of the conflict. That is because, obviously, both these occupiers do not want to resolve the Kashmir problem by surrendering the parts of Kashmir they have.

When the occupying nations are silent about China, not even the Kashmiris raise the issue anywhere.

Does it means, China can occupy the part of Kashmir It has while Indian must return the part of Jammu Kashmir it occupies

That Kashmiris never asked Pakistan also to return the lands they captured from Kashmir only indicates they do not want Pakistan to return Azad Kashmir to Kashmiris in order to make an independent Kashmir. Rather, they want to make Kashmir a part of a destabilized Pakistan. Already, Pakistan ahs incorporated part of Jammu Kashmir in Pakistan and when India quits Kashmir under its occupation, Pakistan wants to take that as well as Azad Kashmir to make totally destabilized weak Pakistan.

India and Pakistan keep cross-firing at each other to terrorize Kashmiris but interestingly Kashmiris do not find anything wrong with Pakistan’s efforts to terrorize the Kashmiris.

Even USA knows India would not quit Kashmir just like that and it can kill every Kashmiri Muslim if they want to cede from India to switch sides and become Pakistanis.

Any dialogue in future should be represented by India, Pakistan, China and Kashmir so that a clear cut message could be delivered from the meeting avenue.

It looks Kashmiri mindset devoids of logic.

Why should Kashmiris who are being killed day in and day out not ask China to end occupation of Kashmir by its military?

Kashmiris must give up hypocrisy and pretensions. They should realize and admit that China, India and Pakistan are certainly guilty of occupational crimes in Jammu Kashmir. Kashmiris should now ask all these occupying nations to leave Jammu Kashmir to peace.

In case, Kashmiris do not have the strength to do so, then, they should accept the current position as people under permanent occupation as their fate and end hostilities with India and begin living in peaceful manner to improve the quality of their lives.

Regimes of India, China and Pakistan should know that Kashmiri children also deserve to live happily and play as free children.

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