Jama’at condemns brutal assault on Muslims in Rajouri

Muslims devise joint strategy against anti-Islamic design

Srinagar: Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir (jeI) vehemently denounces the brutal attack on two innocent Muslims by a unruly mob of Hindu communalist fanatics at Dangri village of Rajouri on the false allegation of cow slaughter whereas the fact is that the duo were carrying their own domestic bulls meant for ploughing. The communal fanatics are gaining their supremacy in the rule of Modi in India who is world known RSS ideologue involved in anti-Muslim activities and in whose tenure in Gujarat as C M in 2002 about three thousand innocent Muslims were butchered in the broad daylight and properties of the Muslims were vandalized constantly for three days under the patronage of the state administration. The growing intolerance and organized attacks on Muslims throughout India is an indication of the future vicious plans of the Indian Hindutva government. The ruling BJP leaders are delivering venomous speeches against Muslims in every nook and corner of India and now they have started this vicious campaign in Jammu province of the disputed state in order to intimidate Muslims here and thereby force them to give up their faith. A Muslim can sacrifice his life for the safety of his faith which he has chosen after thorough thinking and firmly believe in its truthfulness. Eating of beef is lawful and permitted for a Muslim which no power on the earth can stop them from practicing. No power can force any creed or faith upon any human being as it is disallowed by the Lord of this universe. Let those who dislike beef on whatever reasons not take it but they have no right to stop others from eating it. Jama’at -e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir (JeI) strongly condemns the attack on two innocent Muslims by a mob of Hindu fanatics injuring them badly and demands stern action against the culprits for their brutish conduct. Jama’at expresses total solidarity with the victims of this Hindutva hooliganism and appeals all Muslim organizations to become united and devise a joint strategy against this state sponsored anti- Islamic design.

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