Israeli Army Major General visits Indian Army base in disputed Kashmir

‘Situation in Kashmir not under Indian control’  DeM

Srinagar: Dukhtaran-e-Millat  on Wednesday said that the visit of an Israeli delegation led by Major General Yakov (Kobi) Barak to an Indian Army base in Udhampur on Tuesday, once again, exposes a deep-rooted anti-Muslim nexus between the Indian idolaters and the Israeli Zionists.

“We see that both the Zionists and the infidels have united to destroy the Muslims across the world. The meeting between the Israeli delegation and the Indian army personnel in Udhampur is yet another proof of the anti-Muslim nexus and the policies they against the Muslims,” she added.

She said that it seems that these Zionists and the infidels are plotting to harm the Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir. “So it seems that we may have to be ready for bigger challenges and there is an utter need to remain steadfast against the occupation and against the ploys it makes in connivance with the anti-Muslim forces,” she added.

Nasreen further said that Kashmiris must bear this in mind that they are being forcibly ruled by an extremist Hindu right-wing BJP. “ There is every chance that our miseries and difficulties may grow in the near future but we must remain steadfast against the upcoming challenges from these forces,” she added.

She said that India led by Hindu fascist forces and their puppets in Kashmir were trying to give an impression to the world that everything is normal and under its control in Jammu and Kashmir. “ These attempts are being made to divert the world attention from the Kashmir issue which has witnessed a rejuvenated phase since the martyrdom of Shaheed Burhan Wani (RA),” she added.

“While such false claims are being worldwide, the reality is completely different. India and its stooges here have unleashed worst kind of oppression on Muslims in Kashmir,” she said.

Nasreen said that the Indian jails being full of Kashmiris is an obvious reference to the brutal repression that people of Kashmir are being subjected to. “ From 10-year-old kids to 80-year-old , the Indian as well as the jails in Jammu and Kashmir are jam packed with prisoners from Kashmir. Their only fault is that they demand their right to self-determination,” she added.

She deplored the string of PSAs being slapped against Kashmiris every now and then. “ 35th PSA has been slapped against Masrat Alam Sahib, 80-year-old persons in Sopore and Handwara are languishing in jails after this draconian law was slapped against them. The only aim is that we should not demand this right but the way people are being slapped with PSA after PSA is a clear indication that people in Kashmir stand united for this cause,” she added.

She said that the Kashmiris are languishing in jails across India for the past 20 years. “ The youth who are jailed were pursuing degrees and were bright students. Mirza Nisar Hussain, Abdul Lateef Waza . Mohammad Ali Bhat and Abdul Gani Goni are in Rajasthan jails since past 21 years while as Javiad Ahmad Khan and Mahmood Topiwala are in Tihar since the same number of years,” shafaqat hussain tagoo and ahtisam farooq languishing in same jail since 6 years

Similarly, she said, Bashir Ahmad Baba is in Gujarat jails for the past 13 years, Bilal Ahmad Kota in Bangalore jails since 10 years, Muzaffar Ahmad in Kolkata jail since past 11 years and in Srinagar Central Jail, Feroz Ahmad Bhat, Parvaiz Ahmad Mir and Muhammad Imran Shiekh are few names who are being held for the past 14 years. “.
Their family members are unable to meet them and many people won’t even know about them but they are holding their ground and are steadfast,” she said.

“It is a matter of pride for us that despite facing so much hardships our brothers are standing tall against the oppression and the occupation. People of Kashmir must follow these men as they are our torch bearers and inspiration,” she added

She further said that Kashmiris have being facing difficulties since post 70 years for demanding the right to self-determination. “ Good thing is, Alhamdullilah, that they movement goes on and people are continuing the struggle and nothing is in Indian control. The jails full of Kashmiris nullify these Indian false claims,” she added.

“We have been killed lakhs, our properties destroyed, jailed, maimed and blinded but this Peoples’ Movement against an illegal occupation continues,” she added.

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