Int’l community urged to take notice of Shiv Sena’s terrorist activities

Int’l community urged to take notice of Shiv Sena’s terrorist activities

Analysts say minorities are under threat in India

Islamabad: Pakistan has urged the international community to take notice of the terrorist activities of Hindu fanatic group Shiv Sena.

Speaking in Radio Pakistan’s program, PML-N leader Senator Abdul Qayum said: “Delhi is not giving attention to religious fundamentalism, which is on rise in India now days. Attack on Babri mosque, Samjotha train and Gujrat riots are the examples of Hindu narrow mindedness. Former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had once accepted that the extremism is the biggest threat to India. The Indian film/tv actors and authors are returning their awards to the government in protest for not doing enough to stop the wave of extremism in the country. India claims itself to be the biggest democracy in the world but it is violating basic human rights in Kashmir and in rest of the country.”

Senior analyst Dr. Huma Baqai said: “The people of both countries have old cultural and regional ties in Pakistan and India. People living across the border want peaceful and friendly relations between both neighboring countries. The Indian artists including Shahrukh Khan have raised their concerns over the increasing wave of extremism in India. India is creating false propaganda against the nuclear program of Pakistan but world knows very well that our command and security system is one of the best in the world. The United Sates has already shown its satisfaction on Pakistan’s nuclear program and declared them safe and secure.”

Defence analyst Professor Dr. Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema said: “The Muslims are living in India under threat since the formation of Modi’s government in that country. He is a Hindu fundamentalist and holds a grudge with Muslim community. He was involved in the killing of innocent Muslims in Gujrat. The United States had banned Modi’s entry due to his involvement in Gujrat riots. The Christian, Sikhs and low caste Hindus are also suffering due to rising religious extremism in India. International community should play its role and pressurize Indian government to stop violation of human rights. Minorities are in very bad condition in India, especially in Kashmir, where people have been facing ill treatment by the Indian government.”

Defence analyst Dr. Amjad Shoaib said: “India always promotes extremism in its territory and doing unjust behavior with Muslims, who are living in the India. The minorities are facing so many problems due to rigid mindset of Hindus. The international community has also adopted policy of silence on the violation of basic human rights in India because of their interests. As far as the current situation of Afghanistan is concerned, Pakistan always tries to maintain peace in Kabul and plays its role positively.

Indian role in Afghanistan is quite negative and it creates problems there by using its land against Pakistan.”

Senior journalist Salman Ghani said: “Narendra Modi has accepted India’s role in the fall of Dhaka in his recent visit to Bangladesh. Now, once again India is creating problems in different areas of Pakistan including Baluchistan and Karachi. Our government is fully aware of Indian nefarious agenda and is fully prepared to counter New Delhi’s moves. We already have handed over three comprehensive dossiers to American President and Secretary General of United Nations, which contains proofs of Indian backing and financial support to the militants. Now, it is responsibility of international community to take action on Indian negative role in the region.”

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