Indonesian woman voted 1st OIC HR Commission chief

Indonesian woman voted 1st OIC HR Commission chief

Hameed Shaheen

ISLAMABAD – An Indonesian academician woman-member of the OIC Human Rights Commission has been unanimously elected on Tuesday as first chairperson to head this first ever 57 Muslim states institution. Siti Rhaini Dzuhayatin is professor of scociology at the Jakarta Islamic University.

Among total 18 members of the Commission four are women from Malaysia, Sudan, Indonesia and Afghanistan. The Commission has set for itself the motto of ‘moderation and modernization’ to be popularized among the community of OIC states across the globe.

Commenting on the election of Prof. Siti, the OIC spokesperson Rizwan Shaikh said: “This sends out a positive signal regarding the independent approach taken by the Commission at the very outset. It is indeed reflective of the OIC-propelled vision of ‘moderation and modernization’, says an e-message to tan Kashmir Watch here Tuesday evening.

The rights of women and the child in the member states of the OIC form high priority agenda of the Commission.

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