Indian turns IOK into a burning hell: Youth Forum

– Syed Hameed Shaheen Alvi
ISLAMABAD – Kashmir is now a Hell on earth; daily Indian army is killing the Kashmiris branding them as Pakistanis. This was stated by Kashmir Youth Forum in their day-long deliberations here Friday. In the Forum youth from Azad Kashmir and India-grabbed Kashmir participated condemning Indian army chief’s highly scornful remarks on Kashmir and on youth efforts to solve Kashmir peacefully.
The Forum warned that Indian army must remember that Pakistan, the people of Pakistan are an international party to the Kashmir dispute in the UN Security Council; Pakistan has a strong say in the Security Council; the UN Secretary General Mr Antonio Duterres himself has on two occasions stressed early solution to the bleeding Kashmir dispute.
No threat or coercion from either India-occupation army or from New Delhi can keep Pakistan and the people of Pakistan aloof from their UN obligations on Kashmir; Gen Rawat should not become ignorant about the Kashmir dispute and its brackgrounder, the Forum stressed;
It resolved that Kashmiri youth shall continue agitating till the dispute is resolved as per aspirations of the Kashmir and the international pledges advanced from the founding premier of India, Mr Jawaharlal Nehru. Indian refusal cannot minimize the historicity of Kashmir dispute linked with the South Asian freedom movements – Pakistan and India.
The Forum reminded that the south Asian subcontinent was divided into Hindustan and Pakistan; India was no longer a geographic entity after partition; why Indians are making themselves fools before history, more a laughing stock at the global level. The Forum said that in its members muscles runs the blood of Shaheed Muzaffar Ahmed Wani.

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