Indian state murder of Afzal Guru and conspiracy over his dead body!

Indian state murder of Afzal Guru and conspiracy over his dead body!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal


So much of hatred in India against Muslims right from the level of government to local levels!

In fact, it looks, Indian government, instead of pursuing an inclusive policy for the solid nation building, just promotes societal divisions for political reasons. Anti-social elements make full use of the regime’s anti-Muslim mindset to create communal tensions that help Hindutva parties appropriate the Hindu votes.

A state can both protect and murder a citizen at will. A government can influence the judiciary to deliver a judgment of its own liking.

In India anything’s possible and is happening.

The Congress government, hoping to defeat the BJP on Hindutva sentiments and win the parliamentary poll 2014 by played an illegal mischief with the life of a Kashmiri Muslim known as Afzal Guru. Afzal Guru who was supposedly involved in the parliamentary building where the lawmakers play joint political exercises to work against the common people and to pamper the rich and MNCs, was subsequently murdered by the Manmohan Singh government and president Pranab Mukherjee.

It is now two years since Afzal Guru was g hanged by Congress government to woo the Hindu voters.

If the government and state jointly kill a human on a supposed conspiracy charge, none can question that illegal killing, at least in Indian courts. Nor can anyone blow life into his body so that he comes back to life.

However, the Indian government run by Congress party could have displayed elementary courtesy by handing over the dead body to his family members.

No! The congress government wanted to show to Indian Hindus that it was doing everything possible to make the great Indian Hindus happy. In choosing a Kashmir Muslims the Congress government nakedly showed it hates Kashmiri Muslims as well and Hindus should elect the Congress party candidates – and not the BJP members- in the parliamentary poll, but Indians thrashed the Congress as fiercely as the arty fool the people.

Not just that. Indians opted, albeit as a temporary measure, for the Hindutva BJP and allies with a clear mandate and bowled the Congress party out of national and Delhi politics. The popular message was loud and clear in Delhi poll when people rejected both Congress and BJP and chose overwhelmingly the new Aam Aadmi party.

True, Indians search for a credible third alternative for the nation.

Now back to poor Kashmir Afzal guru who became a powerful tool for the government and a sacrifice for nothing. Indian print and electronic media have reported that after coming to power in JK the PDP Legislators condemned the execution of Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru and demanded his remains be handed over to his kin.

The PDP Legislatures, party members, some Kashmiri Muslims and others who are raising this demand of getting remains of Afzal’s body, rightly is blaming government of India and projecting Hindu majority India on communal basis. Indian regime seeks a perfect Hindu-Muslim divide to do political business.

As far handing over the remains of body of Afzal Guru to his family Indian government created hurdles by using the pro-India Kashmir leaders. Had the family members and friends of Afzal approached the courts at that time in March 2013 then not merely the remains of body but even his body could have been brought to Kashmir at his home place for giving last rites and burial to Afzal, as per the practices of his religion Islam.

Congress party pursues a competition with BJP to share Hindu votes. Every political action the Congress government undertook was meant to impress upon Hindus about its pro-Hindu and anti-Muslims resolve and in doing so, Congress asks Hindus to vote not for BJP but Congress which is really a Hindu party. The way the Congress government prolonged the judgment on the historic Babri mosque and its destruction by hard criminals who pretend to be par patriots, is a case in point.

The unjustifiable murder of Afzal Guru totally ignoring the plea from Kashmir government and people of Kashmir is yet another example of Congress government’s anti-Muslim and the Hindutva image it wanted to maintain for Hindu votes. Congress know the presence of BJP and other overt communal parties would force Muslims to vote only for the Congress, as usual

It is a travesty of justice to hang anyone who is involved merely in criminal conspiracy but not physically in murder or killings. Certainly the hanging of Afzal in February, 2013 was bad in law but committed by Congress government and Indian state for political reasons. it goes against the basic concept of criminal jurisprudence about the primary responsibility of the person who physically carry out the act of murder or killings. Capital punishment is rightly on statute but is reserved only for those who are physically involved in killing someone. By no stretch of imagination capital punishment can be given to a person who is involved merely in criminal conspiracy of any murder or killings.

Afzal was found involved by court only in criminal conspiracy but not physically in any murder at the site Indian Parliament in 2001. Not only Supreme Court of India erred in its judgment and sense of proportion when it passed death sentence to Afzal but President of India who acted like a Hindu vote seeker was also wrong in rejecting his mercy petition and refusing to convert the shame capital punishment of Afzal Guru into life imprisonment. Anyone who criticizes the hanging of Afzal Guru has every constitutional right of freedom of expression to highlight the glaring injustice done to Afzal and his family by Indian State through hanging of Afzal Guru.

However, Indian regime committed the crime dishonestly by killing Afzal.

Ultimately those who commit the crimes should be held responsible. President of India Mukherjee, a shrewd politician was advised against giving any pardon to Afzal and he let him be hanged. A pardon would save Afzal but Congress plan to get Hindu votes would be jeopardized. The Congress-BJP conspiracy succeeded in murdering essentially an innocent person.

Even now, when the government continues to ignore the popular requests for the dead body of Kashmiri son Afzal, and if some authorized person is interested in getting remains of body of Afzal Guru, they can approach the courts.

Indian government can interfere with the case as it does with the reconstruction efforts for Babri Mosque, pulled down by Hindutva criminal forces with a covert state backing for anti-Islam operations in the country.

The BJP government can now do the justice to Kashmiris, first by handing over the body of Afzal Guru to Kashmir for necessary further arrangements.

Having lost the Muslim vote bank almost completely, the Congress is totally disillusioned.

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