Indian repressive policies diminishing prospects of an amicable solution of Kashmir conflict: Kashmiri Scandinavian Council

Oslo, Norway: Use of unbridled and reckless force by India against peaceful protesters in Kashmir is only weakening the voices for negotiated solution of the decades old issue and the world must take cognizance of the situation as any erratic step may eventually plunge the South Asian region into a crisis with global implications.

This was underlined by the Executive Director of Kashmiri Scandinavian Council Sardar Ali Shahnawaz Khan in a press release issued from Oslo, Norway. He reminded that India in last two weeks had ruthlessly killed over 45 people, besides injuring several hundred civilians  to quell the ongoing wave of mammoth public protests in Kashmir. Even independent Indian media and civil society have also cried foul on the situation and asked their government to desist from using force to crush a genuine peaceful struggle for right to self determination, guaranteed to the people of Kashmir under UN Security Council Resolutions.

While tracing the background of the current situation, Ali Shahnawaz reminded that India has arrogantly denied the Kashmiris their right to self-determination, guaranteed to them under the UN resolutions, and traditionally used brutal force, backed with draconian laws, to silence the freedom movement. Faced with no choice, Kashmiris reverted to a militant struggle in late 1980s, alongside the political movement to achieve their long denied right.

To give peace a chance,  Kashmiris later purposefully put their militant struggle on the backburner and gave India a fair opportunity to agree on an amicable resolution of the conflict. However, India misconstrued negative peace as its triumph over Kashmir liberation movement and refused to come to terms with ground realities. The situation is once again shrinking the space for political struggle in Kashmir and all set to allow militancy to take over.

Ali Shahnawaz further added that participation of  almost half a million people in the funeral ceremony of a 21 years old local militant commander Burhan Muzaffar Wani also reaffirms the fact that Kashmiris are fast losing confidence in the political settlement of the issue in view of Indian stubbornness and disregard to UN resolutions.

He impressed upon the world powers, especially the US and European Union, to take notice of the situation and play a proactive role to bring India on table for a peaceful resolution of the Kashmir conflict. The issue has caused several full blooded conflicts between India and Pakistan and the world can’t afford one more after they amass a full range of nuclear and tactical weapons.


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