Indian politics: Muslims vote for Congress but Congress work for Hindus!

Indian politics: Muslims vote for Congress but Congress work for Hindus!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff


As it is known, India’s oldest political party Congress serves mainly the Hindus in India and aboard, the corporates and the rich, though it swears by poor Indians! That is the tragedy of India. Muslims vote but get nothing in return.

The Delhi poll outcomes have clearly showed that Congress cannot take the Muslims for granted any more as it has done so far. Congress party indeed betrayed the Muslims as it did not do anything for the improvement of Muslim community’s lot.

Muslims voted for Congress only because of the continuous threats they faced from Hindu communal forces. It means Congress government at the centre and states used the Hindu communal elements to threaten Muslims so that they flack the congress party for safety and this “adjustment” helped Congress party to convert Muslims into its vote bank.

Congress needs not do anything for them and yet Muslims would flock to it thanks to the existence of Hindu communal parties led by BJP that keep insulting and threatening the Muslims, the major minority community in India.

That is Congress effectively uses BJP to terrorize Indian Muslims so that they vote for Congress in order to save themselves from Hindutva forces. Good logic.

The Congress-BJP political nexus rooted secretly through their RSS links has not only controlled Muslims in the country but harmed their genuine interests, worked against their real concerns.

It is a sheer myth that Congress party looks after the Muslims and the Muslim community loves the party notwithstanding the disregard shown by the party towards them.

Congress was damn sure that the BJP remains a nightmare for Muslims and therefore they would, as usual, vote for the Congress party in Delhi and the party hoped to win at east those seats where Muslims are in majority.

Muslims, joining the Hindus and others in Delhi to find a real political party to protect their interests and save them from possible annihilation and finding the AAP as the only alternative, really shattered the false hopes of Congress party

In spite of ruing for years, the Congress party and its government failed to take any definite steps to improve the Muslim community’s lot. On the contrary, the Congress party and government employed all tools, including Hindutva forces and media against Muslims.

Not only were the Sachar Committee recommendations, meant for improving life conditions of Muslim community in India, ever implemented by Sonia-Rahul duo who appear in Islamic style in poll campaigns in Muslim localities just to fool Muslims for their votes. Indian government and state governments used any fictitious terror threat to terrorize Muslim community while leaders mint money. Muslim youths across the country were hounded like never before in the post-Independent India. The Muslim community felt scared that they could be killed just like that by Hindu communalists and police. All these had a negative impact on their support for the Congress party .

Muslims even without jobs have been literally on the run for years now. Only now in Delhi they got some breathe. They no more fear BJP and no more need to worship Congress party. Now Muslims are free from confusions as they know how to deal with crisis created by the rulers for them.

Muslim agents, seeking more funds, try to impress the Congress high command that everything isn’t lost as yet for the party and the “these stupid” Muslims will flock to Congress again as their only hope. They ask Congress party to start “showing” that it cares for them. Since congress is not ruling the country it only needs to pretend to love them. That is way to trap the Muslims in the county.

Hence the chances for the return of Congress party look bleak not even in distant past. BJP can be replaced by AAP or some other new party or bloc but not by the Congress party which has ruined nation and lives of common people as it, like the BJP, exists only to promote the rich and corporate lords.

True, the Congress may have risen from the ashes in the past. In the past, mis rule by misfits in the erstwhile Janata party and Janata Dal and assassination of such Rajiv Gandhi, and India Gandhi saved the party as it campaigned to save India from these misadventures with big wall-posters all around India. And, it was fairly easy for Congress to defeat the aimless quarrel some opposition parties and return to power only to promote the illogical interests of the rich and MNCs. .

But the new circumstances do not allow the Congress party any possibility for its return to power as the party has lost all credibility among masses. People do not trust the Congress men, their words.

Moreover now Indian political scene is dominated by the emergence of strong BJP and other Hindu communal parties that have been promoted and pampered by Congress governments in order to keep the hapless Muslims under check.

Arrival of people’s party called Aam Aadmi party, fortunately, is making a sea change in political behavior of India. Delhiites have already endorsed the party ideas by giving the party a great chance to rule Delhi, brightening the lives of people.

True, Muslims have historically remained with the party for reasons only the Congress party knows.

But Congress party, claiming to be secular, helped the Hindutva criminal forces to pull down the historic Babri Mosque and refused to rebuild as it pledged before entire world to bring back the Babri mosque at the very site it stood as a clear testimony of tolerance and peace. Congress party, in connivance with BJP and judiciary, deliberately delayed the court verdict, have no right to Muslim vote bank in India.

Congress party leaders should overcome the mischievous thought that Muslims should somehow be made to feel that if they do not work and vote for Congress their future would be doomed in India.

Now even Hindus have totally abandoned the anti-people Congress party.

Congress party, for that matter any party, has to reform its mindset taking the Muslim community as its vote bank to vote enbloc for it as slaves of 17th century, irrespective of what it does (or does not) for the community.

End of a historic phenomenon called Congress party?

Mahatma Gandhi upon independence of India had proposed to dissolve Congress party for freedom struggle and find a new name for the party but the Nehru and friends wanted to make maximum profits out of Mahatma, the party symbol and its name.

And Congress has made enough and it is time to retire!

And Muslims and Hindus and others know that.

Dr Abdul Ruff

Prolific writer, Educationist; Independent Analyst; Investigative journalist, Columnist contributing articles to many newspapers and journals on world politics; Expert on Mideast affairs, Chronicler of foreign occupations & freedom movements (Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc.) Chancellor-Founder of Center for International Affairs (CIA); Commentator on world affairs & sport fixings, Former university teacher; Author of eBooks/books; *Editor: International Opinion, Foreign Policy; Palestine Times: website: email;Phone*: 91-7293435028 *Thanks the remuneration if sent to my State Bank of India - Account No: **62310377429 Bank Code: **SBIN0020731 *(Earlier it was State bank of Hyderabad)

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