Indian ideas: Hindutva criminalism vs. corrupt fanaticism: Will Gujaratis triple talaq BJP and remarry Congress?

-Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal


Indian state of Gujarat, the home state of Indian PM Modi, is on its way to elect a new government for a term and  ding the poll an impression was created tat BJP is losing and Congress  might  get the consequent advantages  and from the government. However, the exit polls after the poll have given a different picture by which the ruling BJP would scrap through while Congress would have improved its present standing in the assembly.

Unfortunately, India is very unlucky to have only these two parties –Congress party and BJP- as two sides of the Hindu identity at national level to alternate the governments both at the centre and in states.

If BJP loses, the BJP government at the centre would face difficulties and PM Modi would have to face desertions.

Color code decides victory in cricket and sports

In Badminton Indian players use colors as recommended by the corporate intelligence. If Indian players win the matches by using one set of colors they would continue with that color code until they lose games. But once the Indian players lose game then intelligence asks them change the colors and recommend different colors and players continue those colors until they lose games.

Indian victories in sports depend exclusively on the choice of colors as dress code rather their on their training. They don’t trust their own skills and talent but only the color code.


Rohit’s wife wants more 200 and 300 for her dear husband and she would like to watch the match to inspire him to hit 6s and 4s. In the send ODI, Sri Lankans offered a nearly 4oo run which is historic. BCCI would expect Lankans to offered 5oo runs in third ODI so that Indian batboys are prized by the media.

Will Sri Lanka offer 500 score to India with a triple hundreds (300) to Rohit Sharma next time? Rohit’s wife expects her husband to be honored with a 300 in her presence there.

Like cricket which it entirely controls in all aspects, the badminton field is also being controlled by India that promotes only its interests through managing schedules and timings etc, by using other players of its IBL team members. In fact, Indian compote intelligence is the best in sports and helps Indian players with valuable tips which other  countries are unable to or refuse to  execute.  India has rejected blue color for its players but it forces other players to use blue color while playing against Indians. That is Indian success of its badminton strategy. Most players lose because of blue color. .

Upon successful execution of its plan to make a fake sportboy Tendulkar a Bharatratna, an honor meant exclusively for great Indian thinkers doing serious work for the nation and not the entertainers, Indian regime is eager make some more cricketers Bharatratana holder. One does not know if India is eager to offer some more Bharatratnas to Tendulkar under some other categories so that India media could shine more. India launched IPL in football and made Tendulkar the owner of Kerala Blastards team and has been tirelessly promote its wins but so far no success though has got best variety players for Kerala Blastards team. Last  match, Kerala Blastards were crushed by Goa by 5 goals and now India wants  the Balstard to defeat another team  by the same 5 goals.

That is imposable because none of the teams is worse than Tendulkars Blastards team.

Dr Abdul Ruff

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