Indian Hindutva objections to Muslim divorce practice

 Is Modi government really sincere about the “fate” of Indian Muslim women?

– Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal



[“In order to prove that Indian regime indeed cares for Indian women Muslims, a minimum of 20% seats in academic institutions and jobs must be reserved for Muslim women. Also a minimum of 10% seats in the parliament and state assemblies should be reserved for Muslim women and there should at least be one women judge in every court of India”. That is the real empowerment of Muslim women in India which would make difference in community andantino at large”].


For Hindu politicians in Indian political outfits, Hinduism perhaps is a source and cause for instant and perpetual entertainment. As the majority community they can play as much as they like. Muslims cannot have any serious objections. But when the Hindutva leaders using Hindutva as a cheap political resource use Islam also like that for entertainment purposes, we have serious objection to that nonsense. The Congress-BJP duo that fights for power should not trespass the Islamic territories by misusing some senseless Muslim individuals.

Indian national political outfits, particularly the Congress and BJP- the former and incumbent misrulers that promoted rampant corruption and crimes, continue to play dirty religiously communal politics for garnering their Hindu votes.

Indian government run by the BJP led Hindutva parties, on the strength of Shi’a sect of Islam that foolishly fights Sunni sect, is on its way to make Islam irrelevant possibly by ban it altogether after creating problems for the latter.

The BJP is keen to get the anti-Islam issue Triple Talaq passed in the parliament to show to the Hindu voters that Triple Talaq has been imposed on Muslims in order to keep the Hindu voters in good humors.

Triple Talaq
Qur’an terms nikah or marriage ‘mithaqan ghaliza’, a strong agreement. Divorce is not  a good thing.

Women in Islam are the most protected female population on earth but the anti-Islamic forces try to disrupt the tranquility and make the women vulnerable external pressures. The venomous RSS-BJP duo and their secret Hindutva ally Congress, among others have recently “discovered” that Islam in India is against not only Islamic women but even their own religious women.

Hindutva forces have been at work for quite some time to tarnish the image of Islam and target Indian Muslims and with power in hands thanks to the Muslim community in India,  they now go all out to do maximum harms to them.  They have several cases in Indian courts seeking to support Hindutva ideology and punish the Muslims who do not support the RSS-BJP.

This is misinformation spread deliberately by the Hindutva media lords to insult Islam as a terrorist religion without any humanness and threaten Indian Muslims – both male and female.

Injustice is committed to women in India is not by Muslim men but by the ruling regime that targets Islam and Muslims. As such the RSS=BJP seeking to destroy all mosques in the country cannot be “well-wishers” of either men or women of Islam.

The Islamic law Triple talaq requires a long procedure of divorce   if the partners have developed strong hatred toward each other and onetime simple Talaq is not enough but three times of talaq needed to obtain a divorce so that the partners have enough time and opportunities to reverse their rigid stance and come back to live together, avoiding unnecessarily separated lives against the wishes of Islam.

There is clear misunderstanding among non-Muslims about the message of Triple Talaq and some of the anti-Islamic people argue in TV channels that Muslims just say instantly the Triple Talaq once or twice or thrice and end the marriage abruptly.

That is not the case. If there is a problem with a married couple, the concerned families and community intervenes and find a amicable solution. They meet regularly, discuss the issue and finally decides whether divorce is good enough for them.   The husband does not pronounce Triple talaq instantly and end the problem.  That doesn’t happen in Islam, may such “instant” thing happen in other communities.

Islam honors and cares for the sanctum of marriages and ties to save the marriage even if the couple has serious misunderstandings and crises. Like in any other religion, some Muslim men could be dangerous guys and even criminals and could harm wives but that is a criminal case the court should solve it.

Preferably Triple talaq process could have some days between them to be able to pronounce the final talaq by the relatives and their common well wishers.

There could be instances of deviations and such cases should be dealt sternly with but using one of two such wrong instances, if at all,  to negate the triple talaq philosophy is totally foolish and to fanatic.

Duplicates do not become originals. Those who try to disturb the religious laws cannot pretend to be the well wishers of Muslim women. Only Islam and Muslim men alone can provide real security to Muslim women.

Triple talaq is already declared by Supreme Court as null and void. It has become the law of the land. Then what is the need for any further legislation on that?


Why are they against Islam and Muslims?

It is a sheer habit. By nature and in essence the Hindutva people fear and hate Islam- unnecessarily. They should fear God and not Islam. If they are god fearing, they won’t hate Islam or any other religion. That is a fact.

Islam is the most humane religion on earth guided by the Holy Quran but the foes of Islam across the globe try find faults with Islam and concerning Islamic faith.

The anti-Islamic forces and media lords y always work to prove that Islam is a terrorist religion where women do not have any right to live in male dominated society and as if every Muslim woman commits suicide due to restrictions imposed by men on their “carefree movements”.  And so much so they behave as if more and more Hindu women and ladies from other religions come to Islam to fill the gap.

Is that so?

Mere sympathy does not bring adherents to Islam but true faith in Islam does that.

The Hindutva forces not only plan secret communal agendas to garner Hindu votes for the Hindutva parties, but worse, also now try to divide the Muslims community along nonsensical lines by declaring that Women in Indian Islam do not have freedoms to enjoy life as they wish. .

Today, the BJP can pass any resolution in both houses of the parliament. BJP has as per its plan has passed the triple talaq bill in the Lok Sabha.

Are these foes of Islam really worried about Muslim women? If so why are they not doing anything about the plight of their own women?

RSS dictates Indian Parliament

As a “historic” Indian anti-Muslim step, the lower house of Indian parliament (Lok Sabha) has passed the contentious bill making instant triple illegal with up to three years in jail for the husband, a development hailed by the government as “historic”.

Congress ad its close allies rejoice at the BJP‘s bold step. The bill was passed after the House rejected a string of amendments moved by Asaduddin Owaisi from the AIMIM and Bhartruhari Mahtab from the BJD. MPs from the RJD, AIMIM, BJD, AIADMK and All India Muslim League opposed the bill, calling it arbitrary in nature. One of Owaisi’s amendments saw 241 voting against it, and only two voting in its favour.

With BJP MPs behaving like owners of the parliament, huge numerical superiority in the lower house of the Parliament, it was a foregone conclusion that the BJP will be able to get the bill passed without a hitch. It should also pass the Rajya Sabha hurdle as well, given the fact that the numbers in the upper house of Parliament also favor the saffron camp. PM Modi is engaged consensus to target Muslims in getting the Bill passed by Upper House while Congress is ready for that. . .

The BJP government argues that the tradition is already illegal in three out of the four Islamic schools of thought. The talaq-e-bidat is sanctified only in the Hanafi jurisprudence. The Hanafi scholars in the North India made it a prestige issue without deliberating it with ulema of other schools of thoughts and take a reasonable stand on the issue that has finally resulted in a bill that makes the Muslim men in the country a very vulnerable target.

Criminalizing something that didn’t take place?  The BJP that has used the issue of instant triple talaq deftly for making political gains, has simply gone too far in its zest to make the entire Muslim community look obscurantist and backward. Many among Muslims are looking at the latest bill as a tool to divide the Muslim community. Others claim that the bill was unnecessary as it criminalizes an act that cannot be committed due to it being illegal. Faizan Mustafa, a renowned legal expert says, “The purpose of criminal law is to forbid and prevent conduct that unjustifiably and inexcusably inflicts or threatens substantial harm to individual or public interests. Since the Supreme Court has set aside triple talaq, it no longer dissolves the marriage, and thus, causes no harm at all. It no more threatens the security and well-being of society…

The BJP and its media lords clam with the Bill the life and status of Indian Muslim women have been upgraded and they gain full justice.


Will Indian Muslim women get something extra from Indian regime so as to ensure their safety and security?

Every aspect of Islam is much better than in other religions. Some problems crop up in rich Muslim families where women seek more freedoms that men have. In fact some women want to be totally free and their husbands are scared of telling them something unpleasant for the sake of unity of families.

The Bill
The BJP government is determined to intrude into the personal lives of individuals with anew Bill on Muslim women. It aims at making every citizen to behave as the RSS wants and dictates.

Parliament has to decide whether the victims of triple talaq have fundamental rights or not, government said, after some Opposition members claimed it violated the fundamental rights guaranteed under the Constitution.

With the Supreme Court making triple talaq illegal, there was actually no need to bring the bill, criminalize something that cannot be done and try to take credit for passing the Bill if not improving the lot of the Indian Muslim women.

The BJP claims it wants to ensure justice for the Muslim women in the country. Nonetheless, the whole idea of criminalizing triple talaq, despite the fact that the country’s apex court had struck down the tradition, seems rather very strange.

Union Law Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad, while speaking during the discussion in the Parliament said, “My appeal is that this bill should not be seen through the eyes of political parties, religion or as a vote bank. This is for the “honor” of our sisters and our daughters. This is for their ”dignity and justice”. I want to follow the legacy of this house by seeing that India stands up for its Muslim “sisters and daughters” whose brothers and sons  the RSS criminals  kill by lynching for eating beef or not fowling ‘ghar Wapsi’ law. .

Fulfilling its electoral promise, the BJP-led government moved swiftly to draft the legislation following a Supreme Court order in August, striking down the practice as unconstitutional. The apex court asked the government to come up with legislation within six months. “It is a historic day. We are making history today,” Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad told the House after tabling the Bill. A major bill restricting the Islamic practices to suit the common code was passed in Lower House within a day and it would go for the approval of the Upper house.

The Bill must provide justice, security and honour to women. The bill, its framing was faulty and flawed. if the proposed law makes the practice of instant triple talaq illegal and void, how a person can be jailed for pronouncing ‘talaq-e-biddat?’

Members from Congress and the Left were not allowed to speak on the Bill as they had not given notice. SP leader Mulayam Singh Yadav was also seen opposing the Bill. RSP leader Ramachandran said: “The main apprehension is the over enthusiasm of the NDA government led by the BJP. There is a cloud of suspicion.

AIMIM supremo Asaduddin Owaisi said Parliament lacks the legislative competence to pass the law as it violated fundamental rights. Taking a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Owaisi said that while the Bill talks only about Muslim women being abandoned, the government should also worry about nearly 20 lakh women of various religions who are abandoned by their husbands, “including our bhabhi from Gujarat.”

BJP government is least bothered about what the Muslim MPs say or do not say. Owaisi MP slammed Law minister Prasad who as Union law minister has failed to discriminate between civil law and criminal law. Not a single Muslim country has a penal provision. Triple talaq is a form of verbal and emotional abuse,” he said.

Owaisi alleged that the Centre was giving an advantage to the offenders and was not helping the situation. “Your dream of having more Muslims in jail will be achieved. Please send the Bill to the Standing Committee. You are forcing a Muslim woman to file an FIR against her husband. You are giving a handle to the Muslim man, who will have 90 days. If you are true to your intentions, create a corpus of 1,000 crore,” he said.

Though Congress supported the Bill, senior leader Salman Khurshid, a former law minister, said the proposed law is an intrusion into the personal lives of individuals, and would bring the civil issue of divorce into the realm of criminal law.

Islam wants Triple Talaq not in one go or instantly but in a process of several meetings while the BJP/RSS supporters might want just one Talaq in one go instantly!

The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill would only be applicable on instant triple talaq or ‘talaq-e-biddat’. It gives power to the victim to approach a magistrate seeking “subsistence allowance” for herself and minor children. A victim can also seek the custody of her minor children from the magistrate.

Religious leadership to be blamed there is no denying that the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2017 is a watershed moment for the Muslims in the Independent India. The instant triple talaq, also called talaq-e-biddat is something that does not go against the very spirit of marriage. But the process should be followed.

The RSS and BJP are in a hurry as if they won’t survive next general poll. . The fundamental principle of good legislation is the art of conducting men to the maximum of happiness, and to the minimum of misery. A principal source of errors and injustice in legislation are false ideas of its utility. The Lok Sabha debates clearly demonstrated that government has unrealistic hopes from this bill.

The triple talaq shouldn’t be criminalized as there was no need to do so. “Inconsequential triple talaq, thus, should not be criminalized. The primary purpose of criminal law is ‘prevention’ of an act; if non-criminal means can succeed in preventing this act, criminal law need not be used.

The BJP law minister says if the Muslim women don’t have justice, this house will give them justice. The “instant” triple destroys the very sanctity of this agreement by unilaterally allowing the man to end the marriage at the spur of the moment. But who does triple Talaq instantly? – Not Muslims as they discuss in the community before taking a decision.

While many were not happy, especially regional and Muslim parties, the Congress said it supports the Bill but with strengthened safeguards for divorced Muslim women. It asked for the Bill to be sent to a Standing Committee, instead of being decided on Thursday itself. Lalu Prasad would have protested vehemently but he is in jail.

Soon after the introduction of the Bill was approved, Prasad wondered whether Parliament could remain silent if the fundamental rights of women were being trampled. He said the legislation was not aimed against any religion but was framed to provide a sense of justice, security and honor to women. He said the law was required as even after the Supreme Court had struck down the practice of ‘talaq-e-biddat’ in August. He claimed that as recently as today, a woman in Rampur reported that she was given “instant” triple talaq by her husband for getting up late. That is absolute nonsense.


Why is much ado about nothing?

What exactly the Indian government and judiciary talk about “Triple talaq”?

Since the Supreme Court’s judgment declaring valid a recent marriage of Hindu girl and Muslim boy that took place in Kerala, the Hindutva forces have been on their dirty toes to take revenge on Muslims.

A marriage should be saved at all cost and separation could be recommended only when the partners cannot live together any long.

Does the BJP really the savior of Muslim women? Please don’t laugh! The saffron party has been gloating over the fact that it has been able to bring the law criminalizing triple talaq and pass it from Lok Sabha. The Union Law Minister has said that the government wants to improve the lot of the Muslim women in the country. Does the party really want to improve the condition of the Muslim woman by sending the husband, usually the lone bread winner in a household to the jail for three years?

The instant triple talaq may have destroyed the lives of a few Muslim women who actually suffered from it, but this was taken care of by the Supreme Court verdict making the practice null and void. If the sole bread winner of the family goes to jail for committing a crime that cannot really take place, who will look after the wife and children.

The woman, following the apex court verdict will remain his wife despite him pronouncing triple talaq. If the BJP was really eager to see the Indian Muslim women develop, as the Union Law Minister so grandly claimed, his government should have passed legislation providing special provision of reservation for the Muslim women in job and education. By ensuring that the sole bread winner of the family goes to jail, the BJP government at the center has hurt the Muslim woman the most, whose interests it claims it wanted to safeguard

BJP-Congress duo must debate the divorce in vogue in other religions.

Triple Talaq in Islam is the best opportunity for the partners to decide on the issue without hurry. Triple talaq need not be done  in one go and can be done on different days one after another and only third  talaq  could  enable for a divorce to come into force only if both agree.

What is the objection from enemies of Islam? Why do the RSS-BJPP target the Triple talaq to get more Hindu votes?

Islam insists on a careful Triple Talaq allowing enough time fro the married couple to decide their separation if the married partners cannot live any more together. Once divorced, the partners cannot rejoin just like if they  feel for their mistake of divorce  that but for that to happen  the women must get  married again to another man before the first husband takes her back.

So, the Triple talaq is a safe method of taking correct decision.

But the RSS/BJP and their Hindu boys and girls seek just one Talaq and be free to enjoy life “in full”. They want a “single talaq’ pronouncement in secrecy on the bed itself to end the marriage bond. Secretly

Muslims want triple talaq only when the men and women decide they cannot live together.

Three times would give them an opportunity to think thrice before deciding on the break up. He or she can say no after Talaq twice.

But Hindus want just one talaq and break the marriage.

Foolish people argue foolishly because they are majority and the media are theirs.

How can the government improve the lot of the Muslim women in the country?

In order to prove that Indian regime indeed cares for Indian women Muslims, a minimum of 20% seats in academic institutions and jobs must be reserved for Muslim women. Also a minimum of 10% seats in the parliament and state assemblies should be reserved for Muslim women and there should at least be one women judge in every court of India. ”. That is the real empowerment of Muslim women in India which would make difference in community andantino at large.

Will the patriotic people who claim to be interested in India’s over all development do it now? Or let them shut their wide communal mouth. They need to kill or insult Muslims to get the Hindu votes.

One of the worst embodiments of Hindutva is the criminalized dowry system that has harmed not only most Hindu women but also Muslim women, epically poor sections of lower strata of population.

Some of the insane practices in Hinduism/Hindutva have negatively influence Muslim community. One of them is the dowry system considered to be the basis of their economy. Men ask and get huge sum along with cars, etc, as dowry to marry a girl.  Marriages have been halted and women committed suicide when some marriages stopped due to the non-payment of dowry money promised.

Most of Muslims are with poor background. Without enough sound economic backups, Muslim women dins difficulties in getting married. .

Maybe the PM Modi is not aware of such cruel practices but the Law minister should know it.

Indian parliament must end dowry menace that makes men parasitic worms. Will PM Modi take pity on Indian women who are the victims of deadly dowry system and the resultant crimes?

What is problem in passing law on the issue and save every woman from injustice in the country? These women certainly include Muslim women too.

But India is in a hurry to fix Muslim community and probably force them to become Hindus by changing their names. .

Why is Modi- Hindutva government worried only about Indian women?

It is a known fact that Indian regime and media lords hate Muslims and they want to fix Muslims and insult Islam.

Indian government is now busy fixing Indian Muslims by mischievously trying to hurriedly pass a law to cancel the Islamic Triple Talaq policy meant for save even a troubled marriage.

Now the BJP government wants to free Indian women from the clutches of men and society.

Some wild wolves are worried about the cows getting trenched in rains. Why?

Is that because of concerns for Islam or women?


With the backing from USA, Israel and other anti-Islamic forces, India actively pursues policies to target Muslim community, mosques, and its faith.

BJP is using Indian women to target men next Muslim men would used against  women afterworlds, police and military would be used to kill Muslims- both men and women , and children as well as Israelis doing in  occupied Palestine.



Will the regime guarantee jobs and economic status for Muslim women in India? Will India pass the Women Reservation Bill? Will India abolish dowry system as it badly affects poor Muslim women? Dowry system is bad for Islam and it is not practiced in Arab nations or other Muslim nations but only in India Muslim community suffers due to the dreadful dowry system. .

Since its independence from UK, India has actively pursued anti-Islamic path in a systematic manner and most political parties, especially Congress as a part of its own hidden anti-Islam policy supports the Hindutva designs secretly. After Ghar wapsi, Beef, lunching, etc now the RSS-BJP has touched a crucial issue of Islamic divorce practices. India claims Saudi Arabia has cleared the matter in favor of Indian Hindutva so that India could buy more oil format.

Like what the Hindutva minded Congress party did before, the  Modi led  BJP government is  also playing to the gallery of Hindutva lords by making politics  a mere entertainment in  the  country and  the parliament a forum to keep the Hindutva lords in good humors.  The process started as soon as BJP came to power in 2014 by defeating the communal Congress led NDA coalition.

Now that the Hindutva criminals are sure that Muslims would get back their legitimate Babri Mosque, they accelerate their ill designed agenda against Muslim community because they are in brute majority and many parties  support their misrule, Indian Parliament and state assemblies have their own  communalized Hindus, etc

The Triple talaq is one of the weapons of foes of Islam to target both Muslims and judiciary.  Clearly, the Congress BJP duo is secretly working to  defame Islam and ban even the Holy Quran by taking  the issue to  Hindutva led Parliament that would clear anything anti-Islam quickly even without  any debate.

Indian BJP government says they are worried about the “fate” Indian women but not in the true spirits and ease the plight of all Muslims under Hindutva rule and their status. In fact, they are least bothered about the plight of Hindu women but are keen only to insult Islam. Yes, some wild wolves are so much worried about the cows getting trenched in rains.

They say Indian Muslim women want freedom from husbands but, they argue, Muslim husbands do not let them leave them to do whatever they want to do on streets.

They want to make the West happy by saying that Islam is not a good religion but Hindutva and others are super religions offering too many freedoms to women to enjoy life freely…

Interestingly, the BJP India gives priority to Muslim women’s status rather the women reservation Bill hanging in the parliament for decades, affecting the Indian women in all respects. Indian polices on liquor-gambling laws concerning liquor and lottery sales etc have been harming women, including Muslim women. But neither the Congress nor its secret Hindutva ally BJP bothered to help the women who toil and suffer because of male dominations and their liquor behavior.

Strangely enough, of all formations, it is RSS-BJP, rather than the Congress party, that has come forward to protect the status and strength of Muslim women in India, making them lawfully independent of “dominant” Muslim men who impose their will on the weaker women.

RSS/BJP now has majority in the parliament and so they are pushing hard for targeting Islam and Indian Muslims Even in protecting the Muslim men and women of India has proven to be fanaticism.

Babri Mosque issue is still pending but Indian regime and judiciary are playing dirty politics with Muslims while Intelligence-media rods target Muslims and Islam so vulgarly so that the judiciary would be cowed down in favor of Hindutva criminalism. Now the Hindu parties and judiciary are quick to point fingers at the Muslim women in order to target Islam and Indian Muslims and Islam. .

Hindus and others would certainly rejoice at the Triple developments but those Muslims who also rejoice the BJP’s “care” for women in Islam should know that  these elements who pulled down  Bharatmata’s  historic Babri Mosque built by emperor Babur as part of Indian Islamic cultural assets , have  no reasons to do anything good for Muslims – male or female.

The proposed law was violative of personal laws and was a politically motivated move. Given the population of Muslims in the country, triple talaq cases were negligible. The BJP-RSS duo is unnecessarily taking gun to kill a mosquito. They have jeopardized the sanctity of the House.

Under the proposed law, instant triple talaq in any form — spoken, in writing or by electronic means such as email, SMS and WhatsApp — would be illegal and void. It will make instant talaq punishable by a jail term of up to three years and a fine, and would be a cognizable, non-bailable offence.

The Bill will now be sent to the Rajya Sabha for passage before it is forwarded to the President for signing it into law. The Bill’s prospects in the Rajya Sabha are uncertain as the government lacks majority and the Congress’ support for the Bill is conditional.

Tomorrow the BJP-Congress led Hindu forces would enact laws against Islam, Muslims, mosques etc.

The Congress-BJP governments that force Muslim employees to quit their hard earned jobs in order to possibly appoint Hindus in those  vacant  places and also refuses to give pension and other retirement benefits  as agreed by the  administrations, cannot be expected to be good to Muslim women.

At the national level, Indian regime pledged to rebuild the Babri Mosque  at the very site  where it stood for centuries as an important example of world cultural monuments and  Hindu-Muslim unity in the country has not been kept  either by the Congress  or BJP.  How can Muslims expect this hypocrite regime to upgrade in status and take care of women of Islam?

One has no ideas as what all left in the secret bags of RSS to be used against Indian Muslim and Islam. Devil moves in mysterious ways. One must wait for their next move.

India knows well as to how to divert the attention of the nation and world at large it can do that by enacting another bigger drama than demonetization. By passing a new “Muslim law”, the BJP government has possibly has vetoed any possibility of Muslims taking the case to the special benches of Apex Court.

Indian Parliament today with Hindutva majority with Hindutva minded Congress backup can pass any law. If the BJP decides to destroy every mosque parliament will pass it. If RSS wants to deny work for Muslims, that would be done and if they want to kill every Muslim or destroy the houses and shop of Muslims, Indian parliament would give its consent. So, the BJP-Congress duo can achieve anything they want in the parliament.

Triple Talaq gimmick is only the tip of the iceberg.

That is today’s Indian Hindu mindset that follows the USA-Israeli fanaticism as a part of Indian hate model.


Dr Abdul Ruff

Prolific writer, Educationist; Independent Analyst; Investigative journalist, Columnist contributing articles to many newspapers and journals on world politics; Expert on Mideast affairs, Chronicler of foreign occupations & freedom movements (Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc.) Chancellor-Founder of Center for International Affairs (CIA); Commentator on world affairs & sport fixings, Former university teacher; Author of eBooks/books; *Editor: International Opinion, Foreign Policy; Palestine Times: website: email;Phone*: 91-7293435028 *Thanks the remuneration if sent to my State Bank of India - Account No: **62310377429 Bank Code: **SBIN0020731 *(Earlier it was State bank of Hyderabad)

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