India is the largest importer of defence equipment : Analysts

Say Pakistan and the United States closely cooperate in countering terrorism

Islamabad: Pakistan has expressed disappointment at the Indian government’s reaction regarding purchase of F-16s from the United States.

In response to media queries, Foreign Office Spokesperson said in Islamabad that Indian government’s reaction surprised and disappointed Pakistan.

Speaking in Radio Pakistan’s program, Senator Lt. General (R) Abdul Qayyum said: “It is quite unfortunate that India has responded on the sale of F-16s in a very aggressive manner but it is not first time. In fact, it is a routine that India doesn’t absorb any move which strengthen Pakistan in terms of economic or defense stability. The sale of F-16s to Pakistan is not a free lunch by the United States but we have to pay its price. We need to increase our capabilities in drone technology by occupying latest technology in this field. Pakistan Army has conducted successfully operation Zarb-e-Azb in the limited resources and maintained the writ of the state in tribal areas whereas the super powers of the world have failed in Afghanistan to counter terrorism. The International community has also lauded the efforts of Pakistan to counter the terrorism.”

Controller NCAC Javed Khan Jadoon said: “The F-16 aircrafts are being used by Pakistan Air force in ongoing operation against terrorism in North Waziristan Agency. The use of F-16s is helpful to reduce the collateral damage in the war against terrorism. Pakistan and the United States are cooperating with each other for the elimination of terrorism from the region and the sale of F-16s to Pakistan is an important development in this regard. The India’s criticism on this deal is baseless and shameful as according to international think tanks the India is itself a biggest arms importer in the world. India is intended to purchase arms worth of 250 billion dollars. The India is enhancing its defence power day by day. The government of Narendra Modi wants to purchase C30 aircrafts, gunship helicopter and other arms worth of around 10 billion dollars from the United States. Indian PM Modi recently signed a deal to purchase Air missile system from Russia. Moreover, India has also inked an agreement to get 36 fighter jets from France. The Indian propaganda against the Pakistan-US cooperation regarding the sale of only eight F-16 is based on historic amenity. The motive behind this propaganda is to isolate Pakistan in the global community and to create its hegemony in the region. The several countries including France wanted to take benefit from the counter terrorism expertise of Pakistan Army. The purchase of arms by Pakistan is very low in front of Indian purchase of 237 million dollars. It is the duty of our leadership to raise its concern against India whenever it moves to purchase arms.”

Defence analyst Dr. Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema said: “It is not the first time when India triggered an unwanted and unnecessary propaganda against Pakistan. India is pursuing dual policies as on one side it itself purchasing the arms worth of billions but at the same time criticizing Pakistan our purchase of only eight aircrafts. The Indian concerns over this deal are totally unjustifiable as it is the need of Pakistan and we are involved in arms race in the region but the purchase of arms for defence purposes is the right of any country. India is a big country and Pakistan has no comparison with its defence power but it is a fact that India purchased huge number of arms from Russia in recent days.” Former ambassador Abida Hussain said: “Unwanted and unnecessary criticism on Pakistan is an old habit of Indian government. India recently has done deal for 36 Rafale jets with France but Pakistan has not shown any objection on the deal. India also considers China as enemy which is not true. India has no threat from Pakistan and there is no chance of war between Pakistan and India countries as both countries have nuclear weapons. Pakistan is not only purchasing weapons but we are also signing several agreements of economic cooperation. China is investing $46 billion in Pakistan whereas we have also signed agreement with Russia. Pakistan is also going to increase its cooperation with Iran. India should understand this reality that we are living in the age of global cooperation and raising concerns on each deal will only create tensions between both countries nothing else.”

Analyst Dr. Farhat Haq said: “We can clearly see the bilateral cooperation between India and the United States in recent years. The super powers of the world have their on priorities in different regions. The United State is providing the aircrafts for its own priorities as it want to strengthen Pakistan against the terrorists. The India lobby is very strong here in United States and the recent criticism on the sale of F-16s to Pakistan is a strategic move by the New Delhi. India wants to become super power of the region and it considers other countries as a soft target. It is the wish of India to compete with China in the region which forces its masses to live below the poverty line.” Senior analyst A.Z Hilali said: “India’s objection is baseless .India is the largest arm importer where as objects  the tiny defense deals of Pakistan which Pakistan is only doing for the purpose of peace in the region. Pakistan is a sovereign and independent state and has great sacrifices for the peace and political stability in the region. Such deals are the real need of the country and India who itself has the huge arm imports should not   derail the peace process. International community including Russia, China and USA acknowledge and appreciate the role of Pakistan in its efforts to eradicate the terrorism form the region. Pakistan has right to enhance its military powers because in previous years Pakistan has paid the great price in the war of terrorism.”

Former ambassador Fouzia Nasreen said: “India’s objection is not justifiable. India itself is indulged into the weapon race which is a direct threat to the peace of the region. The India’s reaction on such deals not only surprising but also disappointing. India’s role in the region is always clear it always creates troubles for Pakistan. As for as USA-Pak defense cooperation is concerned, Pakistan needs more support from USA .Pakistan’s demands are appropriate to create a balance of power in the region. To show respect and sincere cooperation USA have to increase its defense cooperation with Pakistan and enhance its support.” Senior analyst Zafar Nawaz Jaspal: said: “India has been modernizing its weapons to stay strong in conventional wars but this modernization will lead towards the major war. No one can afford this instability of power in the region and balance of power is very important. The recent deal of Pakistan with USA will not affect the peace process in the region.”

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