India emerging as a fascist and imperialist state, Says Geelani led Hurriyat 

Srinagar: Huriyat Conference on Saturday while reacting to the statement of union minister Venkaiah Naidu, wherein he has said that Azadi slogans will invite action under sedition law, said that it illustrates their frustration. India is emerging as a fascist and imperialist state & their claims of being a largest democracy in world, stand exposed, said Huriyat.

Commenting over the statement, Huriyat said that more and more people are supporting our movement & intellectual class in India do now understand the aspirations of people of J&K. Huriyat said that new tendency in reputed educational institutions like Ramjas College, Jawahir Lal Nehru University & other educational institutions is encouraging as they are displaying their resentment against Delhi for their unrealistic Kashmir policy.

Huriyat while referring to biased Indian print & electronic media, said though they leave no stone unturned to mislead their people but despite all this, realities about the historical background of Kashmir issue comes to fore and speaks loud.

Huriyat appreciated Indian people for their sympathetic approach and support and said that we are thankful for those who show their concern & raise voice in our favour and support our cause.

Hailing student community for their truthful approach, Huriyat said that they are following their rightful thinking and deny to fall in the trap of the rhetoric of their leaders about political scenario of Jammu & Kashmir.

Commenting over the statement of Venkaiah Naidu, wherein he has said that Azadi slogans will invite action under sedition law, Huriyat said that it depicts their frustration and they are extremely disturbed with the new tendency and development. The increasing support of Kashmir cause amongst Indians is unexpected for ruling class, said Huriyat.

Huriyat expressed its concern over the growing intolerance in India and said that despite their tall claims about being a largest democracy, is proving hoax. Huriyat while referring to statement of union minister, said that his statement indicate that they will never allow free thinking and will recommend curbs on freedom to speech. They do not believe in democratic setup, instead are hell-bent to muzzle right to expression by enacting black laws & through their state power, said Huriyat. This type of lawlessness is never justified in civilised societies, added Huriyat.

While responding this type of mindset, Huriyat said, that RSS, BJP and its subsidiary organisation can go to any extent to convert India into a “Hindu Rashtra’ ’and for this they will throttle every such voice which they believe may prove problematic for them.

Huriyat asked Naidoo that these repressive measures won’t make us to give up our aspirations nor these punitive measures will deliver any good in future. Commenting over the unconvincing approach of Indian leaders, Huriyat said it will prove futile to conceal realities & these cosmetic approaches can never change the veracity of Kashmir issue, said Huriyat. It is such an in-depth issue that which speaks of itself everywhere and anywhere and it never ever can be brushed under the carpet.

It is better for Indian politicians to treat the issue on humanitarian basis, suggested Huriyat. We have no animosity with Indians or with India, said Huriyat. People in Jammu Kashmir are pursuing their fundamental right and they neither nourish any grudge against any community nor do they believe in sectarian dogma.

Keeping in view the given situation and changing global situations, it is obligatory to resolve the issue on priority basis and rulers in Delhi need to shun their arrogance and tenacious approach, said Huriyat. Contrary to this if India continues to ignore this issue, it will lead to uncertainty in the region and situation may turn explosive & ugly in state, said Huriyat. (CNS)


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