India can’t snub UN officials, Kashmir dispute a reality

ISLAMABAD : Secretary-General of Kashmir Peace Institute Mr Hameed Shaheen Alvi has termed ridiculous and biased Indian remarks on UN officials reminding the world community that Kashmir dispute exists on UN Security Council agenda since 1948 when India herself had referred it as a dispute to the United Nations. ‘How can she deny its existence or can rebuke UN officials in the presence of this unsolved dispute which drew the two countries – Pakistan and India – into three bloodiest wars in South Asia’, he remarked.
On Thursday UN Secretary-General Mr Antonio Dutresse is quoted to have said that he would talk to the senior officials of both Pakistan and India on efforts for resolution of Kashmir dispute. His spokesperson Mr Farhan Haq had said that UN Secretary General wanted peace and friendly ties between Pakistan and India.
How can a UN Secretary General Secretary bypass the Kashmir dispute when it lies before his eyes on UN disputes landscape, Mr Shaheen asked, telling India that the world is going upper sphere whereas South Asia is going down because of unsolved core dispute over Jammu and Kashmir.
He reminded that the ongoing struggle in India occupied parts of J&K is not against any country. Kashmiris want their plebiscital rights returned to them as promised many times by Indian leaders from Jawaharlal Nehru to Dr Manmoham Singh. Singh in his UN General Assembly address on May 26, 2008, had promised to solve all outstanding issues including Jammu and Kashmir with Pakistan via peaceful negotiations.
Peace, he said, must be held dearer than personal ego. ‘Egotistic societies bring catastrophe, not peace trophy’, he reminded.

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