• Qazi Owais  (Business Student)

      In today’s phase it is less ocular to find any community under a government which is totally different from the people of that section because government is what defines people but unfortunately this is eye reflection of ‘K’ Issue which is lasting from sixty nine years. This Kashmir issue has not been settled-up yet even after some vehement and violent issues which have caused some serious mend to the humanity and is still damaging the future of this Heaven Kashmir. Giant amount of dialogues and meet-ups have been finished by different governments and politicians but nothing could go in favor of people of kashmir or ‘We can say nothing could cure wounds of people’.

Situation rolling this time is not something new for people of Kashmir because they had already smelt this air, people dying and getting wounded is a casual thing because from 1947 all this is what we’re carrying on our shoulders. Killings, blindness and disappearances of people are just now becoming diurnal exercise of our society. People are getting used to it and what government thinks is just a casual law and order situation which they can tackle with political dialogues and deployment of monstrous security forces in valley. The present situation in valley is just like a volcanic-eruption after killing of Hizbul Mujahideen Commander (Burhan Muzaffar Wani). People from each and every corner have hit the roads and streets. Everyone is taking part including women, children and old ones. I   was bit stunned when some politicians tried compare protestors with attackers because entire kashmir is protesting right now that means all people of kashmir are attackers. And on the other side indian media are salting wounds of people by inviting some absurd panelists to pass-on thoughts on this particular staid issue and they comment “Use real ammunition against protestors because pellets are not enough”. Nation known for its democratic face cannot let these things to happen to worsen the situation more. Using real ammunition against people of its own country is just making equator invisible between terrorists and protestors. Now, this is my counter question to the Indian government ‘Is this your so called INSANIYAT is all about’? Even after fired over 1.3m pellets aren’t you known of it what it hunts?  People getting wounded and hurt by essence of pellet guns and politicians are fighting for pellet introduction in valley, this is not ideal time to fight with each other but to settle –up and forbid pellet guns because it is called Non-lethal but creating lethal damage. Pellets used in 2010 were not much fatal but in 2016 they are. According to some specialists and doctors who have examined the eyes and other body parts of injured people,  the pellets used in the state by security forces were not all round, some were irregular and sharp edged, capable of causing serious damage and can penetrate skin and organs easily. Above 10,000 people are injured by these pellets and bullets. Pellet mark and scar on the bodies of Kashmiri people are now becoming their identity because in india pellets are used in one and only state that’s Jammu and kashmir. Even Israel forces have not penetrated the skin of Palestine people by Pellet action. The 3month estimation for banning pellet gun is just a long period because situation is getting pire on daily basis and you cannot wait for 90days to estimate whether to forbid pellet gun or not. Now, government have come up with an alternative to pellet gun known as ‘PAVA SHELL’ but still pellets are being used in huge amount by security forces. We’ve entered into third month of curfew huddle. Maximum sanitariums are slated with pellet victims. Pellet victims are perishing on beds of hospitals, some have pellets in eyes and some have in different vital organs. What can be worse above this locus?  Showing-off love towards Kashmir by Indian government is not enough, making people blind and bruising them is what clarifies all.


History has witnessed that never a nation could drain voice of its people by enforcing power on them. So, Indian government cannot detain voice of people by deploying more forces on them. People will shout what they want because today’s generation are well known of everything they’ll fight for their fundamental rights and government have to look after in positive manner. Spending husky amount of money on deployment of extra security forces in valley is just wastage and havoc because forces can drain voices for a while but not for ever. If government is much interested in evaporating all this money than they’ve some other alternatives also like they can provide food, shelter and clothes for needy people in other states which are dying from even getting a single ambulance at their doors. Kashmir is turning out to be the largest military base state and yet the belly of government is not full. They’ve introduced new companies of central forces in the valley and don’t have a place to set-up their camps. Now, they tried to occupy schools and colleges in valley but unfortunately couldn’t carry it forward and had to reoccupy. This was about to happen because college students are those who have been killed in forces actions and aside of lecturer. For whom these college and schools are now? I’m articulating this statement not because I’m bounded by any emotional belt but the fact which I observed. The bogus vocabulary by Politicians of largest democracy will not work out and will definitely not resolve Kashmir issue. Indian government has to take the role of stake holders into consideration, whosoever they are. They have to ravine a dialogue meeting with all stake holders like people of Kashmir, Pakistan, separatists and have to give it a concrete shape. However only dialogue process will not lead it to final solution. Even a child in Kashmir is well versed with the futility of dialogue process in Kashmir. To quote a prominent separatist leader “over 140 rounds of talks failed to settle this vexed issue” If Indian government wants to normalize the situation in Kashmir, it has to address the ‘K’ issue from all its dimensions be it political, social, economic etc.


Indian government had taken several steps to settle up ‘K’ issue but unfortunately they take decisions which are opposite to ground level situation. If government wants to settle up some issues in internal state they have to open up eyes and see the situation from different prisms, they’ve to take the shutter from eyes and monitor the present ground level situation with integrity. Indian government took a step to send all party delegation to Kashmir but they forgot these delegations had already arrived in 2008 and 2010 when they promised some serious agreements but couldn’t stand on them. Delegation arrived in 2016 invited some separatists but they refused to meet up because they are aware of the tricks and traits of these delegations. Piercing the promises of people cannot make them to trust but to run away. People of Kashmir are facing betrayed side of government from many years may be this was the picky reason to avoid meet up with all party delegation. How can they expect people of Kashmir to trust them again? Government never missed a chance to show toxic teeth to innocent people. These delegations from 2010 to 2016 seem to be dramatic where all characters are fictitious and are signed to perform under accepted agreement. Situation this time in Kashmir is different and locus has changed they cannot dumb voice by new policies or starting any ‘ujala’ scheme. People of Kashmir and entire Kashmir want answer now? When will india and its government stop lying to people. You cannot give this freedom movement a communal color, which is wrong. People of Kashmir are not fighting for any theocratic goal but for a political settlement. This is pure social struggle not any individual religious fight. You cannot mislead people by giving any freedom movement a theocratic shape. You should accept that some immaculate hearts are under hands of barbarity and you’ve to release them.


Kashmir had always and is still contributing towards this freedom trudge from different laterals. This generation is sacrificing their todays for the betterment of future for upcoming cluster. After sacrificed extravagant lives and time by civilians, government of india should stop playing ‘Gun-Blood’ with innocent people because present generation don’t want upcoming one to walk on these bloodshed traces. How long they’ll transmit this ruthless war from one generation to other? Regime has to take the probe and should negotiate with people. Fulfillment of promises and giving fundamental rights should take the actionable shape.  No need to play grip and grind with people in Kashmir. This time Kashmir needs one solution at all because upcoming genesis should not get victimized or terrorized by any one or any government. Hypocrisy should get eliminated and take probe towards democracy for what india is known for.!


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