Hurriyat (M) hits back at Geelani

Hurriyat (M) hits back at Geelani

Terms Mirwaiz’s speech As \”Historic\”

Srinagar: Hurriyat Conference (M) Thursday said the remarks made by its chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq at the 19th UN Human Rights Council Session in Geneva, which drew flak from the parallel faction led by Syed Ali Shah Geelani, were in accordance with the amalgam’s constitution.

Geelani had termed Mirwaiz’s statement on Hurriyat being ready to forgo international mediation on Kashmir, if India and Pakistan included the Kashmiri leadership in talks, as \”contradictory to the Hurriyat’s 1993 constitution.\”In a statement issued here today , a Hurriyat Conference(M) spokesman said Mirwaiz during his \”historical speech\” at the UN session had ,while dwelling on the process of resolving vexed international issues on the basis of right to self determination, vigorously demanded the implementation of resolutions passed by the UN security council on Kashmir.

\”The Mirwaiz had made it clear that there is no question of compromising on these promised and resolutions passed by the international community in favour of right to self determination of Kashmiris. He had said that Kashmiris have offered huge sacrifices in their struggle for attaining the right to self determination and since its inception Hurriyat has, and will, continue to represent this cause at local as well as international level,\” the spokesman said.

\”Citing the effectiveness of third party mediation in Middle East, Northern Island, Southern Sudan, Kosovo, Indonesia and other international issues, the Mirwaiz had said the resolution of Kashmir issue was of no lesser importance for international community. Mirwaiz had mentioned forgoing third party mediation on Kashmir issue only on the condition of India and Pakistan including Kashmiris, the principal party to the dispute, in the dialogue process, which is in accordance with the Hurriyat constitution.Hurriyat Conference will accept any peaceful solution to the Kashmir issue which is based on the right to self determination, that is according to the wishes and aspirations of Kashmiris,\” the spokesman said.

Meanwhile, on the invitation of OIC Mirwaiz reached Saudi Arabia where he will perform Umrah and later meet important dignitaries from OIC and other Muslim bodies, the spokesman added.

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3rd party intervention: Hurriyats divided

SRINAGAR, Mar 22: Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman, Syed Ali Shah Geelani has expressed disagreement with Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, chairman Hurriyat (M)’s stand on third party intermediation on Kashmir in Geneva. However, Mirwaiz also clarified his position saying the stand was conditional.

“I talked about pushing the third party intermediation to background on the condition that India and Pakistan would include Kashmir in the dialogue. The Hurriyat Conference would accept any solution that may be thus achieved as per the aspirations of the Kashmir,” he said in a statement issued here.

“The third party mediation has proven useful in Kosovo and other international conflicts,” Mirwaiz added.

The Hurriyat (M) chairman is in Geneva for participation in the 19th UN human rights council session. During the session, Mirwaiz had stated that the Hurriyat (M) would not demand international intervention on the Kashmir issue if separatists were involved in talks between India and Pakistan.

The Hurriyat (G) has, however, expressed disagreement with the stand taken by Mirwaiz. The conglomerate held a meeting of its advisory council yesterday under chairman, Geelani, expressing reservations on the stand.

“It is unacceptable to us,” the conglomerate’s spokesman said in a statement issued after the meeting.

The Hurriyat (G) argued that the abdication of demand for international intervention could cause irreparable damage to the Kashmir cause.

“Although we believe in desisting from issuing statements which may lead to any confrontation, but here we want to put forth the amalgam’s basic stand on this matter so that the people remain aware about the sensitive matters and that we also want that put across a message to the international community that Hurriyat (M) has reservations on this stand of Mirwaiz,” the spokesman had said.

The Hurriyat (G) equated the stand with the policy of New Delhi.

“New Delhi has always been trying that international community should not come in between India and Pakistan on Kashmir issue so that it would succeed in its plan of usurping Kashmir.”

The two factions of the Hurriyat Conference have been divided in their policies, but both have been maintaining right to self determination as their basic stand.

Meanwhile, Mirwaiz Umar has reached Saudi Arabia on invitation of the OIC. He would be meeting the representatives of the OIC, the statement said.

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