Hizb Chief calls for military support to Kashmiris freedom struggle

Hizb Chief calls for military support to Kashmiris freedom struggle

Mubashar Naqvi

MUZAFFARABAD: Syed Salahuddin, Chief Commander of Indian Held Kashmir based freedom fighter organization, Hizbul Mujahideen has sought Pakistan’s material support to Kashmiris struggle against India.

“India is directly involved in terrorist acts in Baluchistan, FATA and other parts of Pakistan besides escalating tension at Line of Control and threatening Pakistan. The befitting answer to Indian provocation is to provide meaningful material support to those fighting illegitimate Indian rule in Kashmir,” Salahuddin told journalists in Muzaffarabad here on other day.

He said Pakistan is one of three parties to the Kashmir dispute and is morally and constitutionally bound to provide all kind of help to those who were being killed and honour of their women was targeted for raising voice of freedom.

“It should not merely be political, moral and diplomatic support, but military support,” he asserted.

About the presence of Daesh and Taliban in Kashmir, Hizbul Mujahideen Chief said people of Kashmir were not familiar with such groups.

“Kashmiri know well and support those fighting Indian rule in Kashmir. Linking their legitimate struggle with Daesh and Taliban is India’s conspiracy to detract and defame it at international level and equate it with the terrorism.”

He rejected allegations that HM’s splinter group was behind recent killings in Sopore town of India-held Kashmir, and instead termed those incidents a “handiwork of Indian intelligence agencies.”

“We strongly condemn those killings. No mujahideen group can resort to such steps. In fact, it’s the handiwork of Indian agencies and their stooges,” he said.

The HM chief recalled India’s Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar’s statement that India will use terrorism to counter terrorism, and said the situation emerging out in held Kashmir was the outcome of that ghastly policy.

He said though Sopore was a stronghold of HM, but the area did have a sizeable presence of renegades “who were being used by the Indian army and agencies.”

He said there was a possibility that such people having joined Hizbul Mujahideen or any other militant group, but there was no doubt that they were being backed by the Indian agencies.

Salahuddin claimed that freedom struggle had intensified at all fronts, which was multiplying the frustration in New Delhi.

He condemned what he said terror unleashed on the Jammu based Muslims and asked the people of Valley and Hurriyat leadership to jointly thwart the onslaught against the Muslims of Jammu.

He declared that any solution or formula that did not take into account the interests of the Muslims of Jammu would not be accepted.

“Freedom without the people of Jammu is not freedom but curse.”

He asked Islamabad to raise voice against the organized massacre of Jammu based Muslims by the BJP backed Hindu fanatic.

Responding a question about chief minister Mufti Muhammad Sayeed, he said his only concern was to complete his term in power.

“He is a subordinate partner… nothing more than a BJP stooge,” he said.

Salahuddin also expressed his gratitude to China for her commendable stance on Kashmir from the day one in line with the UN resolutions and wishes of Kashmiri people. China does not recognize Indian claim over Kashmir and Beijing has stand over the dispute similar to Pakistan, he added.

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