Have you controlled the content that children see on TV

“Bad TV is the violation of the crowds,” saidJean Renoir, French film director, screenwriter and actor. Television has been and is a social phenomenon of great importance but the Internet through various applications, is making TV no longer the only means of influencing family life.

Television remains a means of great influence in society especially by the passive attitude of the spectators causing an abandonment of common tasks. Parents have a grave responsibility in the education of their children, therefore they must take care of television programs that children watch and guide them on the advice of persons or institutions with sound judgment. Not everything that is emitted through the small screen is valid for children.

Parents have an obligation to support the development of the faculties of their children with positive stimuli to help them do good and reject evil. Parents should teach children to watch television, to evaluate the contents, to reject the negative. It is also important to control the time they will devote to watch television because being at the small screen, indiscriminately, is detrimental to the mental health of children.

We must remember that the best business for parents is the education of their own children. Moreover, to ensure that the television industry respects the rights of the family, parents should express their concerns to those responsible for the various television networks as well as the many production companies.

It is also important to sensitize advertisers not to support malicious programs with their advertising campaigns. The large audiences generated by junk programs that degrade human beings, are of low purchasing power profile. Viewers who watch junk TV, consume also junk products. “Television has done away with cinema, theater, social gatherings and reading. Now many channels are destroying the unity of the family,” says Bernice Ubres.


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