Have Kashmiris committed blunder by choosing PDP in maximum seats?

Have Kashmiris committed blunder by choosing PDP in maximum seats?

-Dr. Abdul Ruff


It appears Kashmiris, in desperation of keeping Hindutva BJP out of Kashmir valley, seem have willingly committed a Himalayan blunder by choosing PDP in maximum number of seats in the JK poll held recently, giving rise to a hung assembly. Now the party is threatening the Kashmiris with a first ever joint PDP-BJP government in the restive JK region.

Under pressure from BJP government at the Centre, the PDP off and on attempts to launch a cabinet with BJP, ignoring the support extended by other parties like National Conference.

PDP has, in courting the BJP, made a mockery of the wishes of Kashmiris to protect the valley from Hindutva “ghar vapasi” movement that will certainly add more grave yards in Kashmir.

Of course, after voting their favorite political parties, the people as voters have no control over their own leaders.

In view of the fact the Indian premier Narendra Modi has never attempted to stop the forced conversion and by implication it means it encourages the immoral process of conversions into Hinduism.

The selfish and power hungry PDP is bent on courting the BJP when other options are clearly available to the rich Mufti parivar. .

One reason that is being pushed up by the PDP as the valid reason for joining hands with BJP is to get more funds from the centre now ruled by the BJP. But the argument is untenable because the centre has to provide the central fund and assistance to every state in India, no matter who rules the centre and states.

However, if the states are also ruled by the same party as of the centre, some “more funds “could be released from New Delhi and quickly. The issue here seems to be simple. PDP wants to get all benefits from New Delhi for the rich and corporates in dealing business abroad and can enjoy as many foreign trips as they desire if they court the centre.

Any deal that is genuine and legal would be supported by the centre irrespective of political differences but PDP expects something more and more and hence the need and longing for a “deal” with BJP.

One should appreciate the Kashmiris to have successfully blocked the BJP-PDP deal for “joint governance” in Kashmir so long that somehow negatively impacted the Delhi poll outcomes. Had BJP managed to cobble up a government in JK with PDP, possibly BJP would not have lost the battle so badly although AAP victory looks much assured on its own merit.

As such there is not rationale for a BJP-PDP alliance because that is going to affect the life of Kashmiris in the troubled valley, already crippled for other political reasons.

Should, however, the PDP still moves ahead for a government with help from BJP it is indeed taking a calculated risk just for some personal and private gains. People in the valley do not wish that and voted against BJP. They fear BJP.

It is quite likely, people of Kashmir valley would not vote for PDP if the polls are held now as they do not want to buy trouble by voting the PDP. In fact Aam Aadmi party that has just ousted both Congress and BJP in the poll from Delhi state can make inroads in the JK state as Kashmiris will see the fruitfulness of supporting a genuine humanist party like AAP which will benefit the state and people.

It goes without saying that Muslims in Delhi have also wholeheartedly supported the AAP, resulting in the unprecedented electoral victory for the people, whose party is AAP.

Dr Abdul Ruff

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