Growing tree of [Hindu] Nationalism on disowned roots

By M. J. Aslam



Ex-RSS Cheif, Deoras, in an exclusive interview to Syed Naqvi, stated something that is laughable but avowed  policy of RSS that has been adopted by its political face, BJP: the current ruling class of India. He said that ancestors of the people of Indian sub-continent had no connection with Aryans and that it was Britishers’ plan to divide Hindus by floating ideas of “Aryans” and “Dravidians” which Hindus have not accepted. He stated that Hindus of Indian sub- continent are Aboriginal Race whose forefathers had not come from any foreign country. It is a lengthy interview but I am reproducing here only a small part of it to know about the Real Mind behind the Ultra Nationalist Idea of Brahmashtra or Hindutva. So, it is here :

” Syed Naqvi: You have glided past a very important detail. Did we become independent after 200 years of British Rule or have we become free after 1000 years of foreign rule?

Deoras: I do not think….Muslims really think that they were the rulers….They themselves know they are the Hindus and only in last 2 or 3 generations they have become Muslims……….. There have been some Afghans, Turks,  ………who came & invaded the country …..ruled the country.

Naqvi: They (INVADERS) came & settled here.

Deoras: But they …. changed many of our people. …….changed their faith and they became Muslims……..Muslims living in this country at present feel that they were the rulers of this land. Why should they have any connection with Babar ? He came from Central Asia.

Naqvi: Even your forefathers came from Central Asia ——–Aryans came from Central Asia ?

Deoras: There is some controversy in this. That is now being contradicted ……..

Naqvi: You mean Aryans did not come from anywhere ?

Deoras: No, we have not .

Naqvi: So, they just happened here, they simply sprouted here ?

Deoras: Yes, .The term Aryans & Adivasis , what is all this ? ……Britishers have created this ( these terms)….. ……….There are enough books that document that we are ORIGINAL PEOPLE who have been living here. Aryan Theory, Dravidian Thoery, are all devised to break Hindus“.
( Being The Other, Muslim In India ( 2016), pages 105-116, emphasis supplied).

Message and agenda:

The above quoted excerpts of the interview reveal the mind of the right-wing organisations of India that they are not ready to accept the plain historical truth and logical argument that ancestors of people of Indian subcontinent , Northwest areas of India , Pakistan and Afghanistan had actually come from Central Asia and that too, long before Vedic Period (1500-500 BC) , and that they were not aboriginal race that had sprouted out from the Indian-subcontinental soil like trees, plants, herbs and shrubs which vegetation continues to grow till now. They were not imaginary beings but real humans who had come and lived in the subcontinent.  But, unfortunately, for prima facie political hegemonic interests, the said historical reality that the people of the Indian subcontinent originated from an Aryan Race is “NOW”,  after thousands of years, being exploited, twisted ,  contested & rejected by Ultra Hindu Nationalists just to advance their supremacist cause of Akhand Bharat / Brahmastra which , however, does not exist in the recorded history books of India & beyond.

It is historically unheard of for thousands of years. It is totally a novel narrative and a planned deviation from the accepted recorded history of the Indian subcontinent as to how it got populated and peopled and where-from those people,  ancestors of Indian people, had come and settled in the Indian subcontinent. It is historically correct to say that Aryans who were Turks, Persians, Afghans & others from Caucasus States were non native but became native by coming and settling in the Indian subcontinent for centuries . Nonetheless, right-wing Hindu organisations of India are hell bent upon using social fabric of “Hindu Majority India” for ruling India and having decimation of commonly “perceived” secular credentials of Congress and other like parties.



Let us visit the annals of history to see who were the earliest people who lived in the Indian subcontinent. As we know, there were three earliest civilisations of Old World of which we have recorded history. They were : (1) The Indus Valley Civilisation or what is also called Harappan civilisation. (2) Mesopotamia . (3) Pharaonic or ancient Egypt. Here we are not concerned with (2) & (3) . The last of three globally recorded civilisations , Indus Valley Civilisation, which concerns us here, was a cradle of early civilisation in the Old World . Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt lived longer, but co-existed with Indus Valley civilisation during its florescence between 2600-1900 BC. Of the three, the Indus Valley Civilisation of the Indian Subcontinent was the most expansive, extending from today’s Afghanistan to Pakistan to India via Punjab to UP . India and Europe were peopled by the migrants from Caucasus , Central Asian States. They were called Aryans who settled on the basins and banks of river Indus in Sindh and Gaggar-Harakar in Punchkola Haryana-Punjab. End of Aryan Civilization gave birth to “Vedic Period” (1500-500 BC). Despite these historical facts, it is pathetic that the propagator of all the so-called Hindu scriptures Friedrich Max Müller when he was working upon them had no clue that someone in 2017 will ask the question. “why he was not aware to incorporate Indus Valley Civilization era in all the Vedas and Manu Smriti he worked upon?” It may be noted that FM Muller was a British philologist and orientalist who wrote 50 volumes of Sacred Books of East ( Hindu Scriptures) that are mostly relied upon by Hindu scholars and historians of last century to prove and disprove the things of their choice. To mention, Indus Valley Civilisation preceded Vedic Period , so it was incumbent upon FM Muller to refer to that great civilisation that was inexorably connected with the people of Vedic Era.

It goes without saying that Vedas contain reference of Indus Valley Civilisation that was found and spread in the Indian Sub continent by the Aryans who had migrated from Caucasus. In this way, ultra nationalist Hindus/ Brahmans who claim that the Hindus of India have no connection with Aryans are simply debunking their own authentic history and trying to rewrite it by adding or inventing something that does not exist there. They try to show that since their ancestors were ABORIGINALS brought by Mythical Gods on Indian soil, they are the Purest and the Best . Rest being”Maleech”. Those Maleech (foreigners) who conquered, settled in  and built India by giving everything from their art and culture, language and fighting skills, to  contribute to “composite Indian culture” are now dubbed by Ultra Hindu Nationalists as the looters, plunderers, rapists and foreigners despite the fact that they ruled India for 900 years . Long 900 years, indeed. Not a joke . The Ultra Hindu Nationalists  are referring directly to those Muslim Rulers of India from Mohammad Bin Qasim to Bahadur Shah Zaffar as invaders and foreigners who forced conversions of Hindus to Islam, they rant.  “… Islam was the creed of the ruling class”, writes Gandhi Ji’s grandson, as such, “no doubt played a part with many converts but forcible conversion was never the policy of India’s Muslim Rulers”. ( Understanding the Muslim Mind, Raj Mohan Gandhi,(1996) page 11).

The SC of India has also confirmed that the Hindus are of Aryan race. It has held that the word “Hindu” is derived from the river Sindhu otherwise known as Indus which flows from the Punjab. “That part of the great Aryan race”, says Monier Williams, which immigrated from Central Asia, through the mountain passes into India, settled first in the districts near the river Sindhu (now called the Indus). The Persians pronounced this word Hindu and named their Aryan brethren Hindus. The Greeks, who probably gained their first ideas of India from the Persians, dropped the hard aspirate, and called the Hindus Indoi  (Hinduism by PJ Monier Williams, quoted with approval in Sastri Yagnapurushadji v. Muldas Bhudardas Vaishya, (1966) 3 SCR 242 = AIR 1966 SC 1119). So, if Aryan ancestors from Central Asian States, whose children, all people of Indian sub continent, undoubtedly, were, are & shall be,  were not foreigners , then, how come, Afghans, Mughals, Turks & others who came to India those days, not only to conquer the lands, but to live and die here , can be treated as foreigners? If we look at the history of the nations, we find in every nation people from different regions , races and religions having come and settled there. Their successors are no more treated as foreign to the socio-cultural milieu of those countries. They are a living reality of those countries. 170 million Muslims in India, 200 million in Pakistan and same number in Bangladesh can in no stretch of thinking be called “aliens” to the Indian sub continent. Such is only a self-disgraceful, disgusting and bizarre thinking.

RSS terror. Source: Daily Mail, UK - 22 January 2013
RSS terror. Source: Daily Mail, UK –
22 January 2013

It has to be remembered that Nation State concept has emerged post WW 1 and got prominence and formation  only after WW 2. Prior to that, we did not have States or State boundaries or borders as we have now in modern era.  Even at the time of partition , there were 600 odd States in Indian sub-continent from North to South, East to West, ruled by Rajas, Maharajas, Nawabs, Beighs, Nizams & princeses,  but anything like Hindutva-Chord connecting them has never existed.  Most of them were opponents and adversaries of each other . Every ruler was representing his own regional, cultural, linguistic , ethnic and even ‘group or sectarian’ identity. They were indulged  in mutual battles . Thus, breaking the myth of that India was earlier one single Hindu Rashtra , C. V. Vaidya, renowned Hindu historian, writes that ” ……it must be remembered that India was never one kingdom at any time except the present, when the British rule has brought the whole country under subjugation. India may indeed be called one country from certain aspects of race, religion and tradition , but it cannot be denied that it never was , at least in ancient history , one country politically. It generally consisted of a number of kingdoms and these were usually at war with one another”. ( History of Medieval Hindu India (vol 1, 1921), page 116).

We don’t find mention of the word Hindutva or Brahmashtra anywhere in the recorded history of Indian sub- continent or in the Hindu scriptures. It was coined first time by V. D. Savarkar in 1923 as a form of Ultra Hindu Nationalism just as Zionism or Nazism. (For fuller details see ..http:// www. booksummaries/ Hindutva% 20Who% 20is%20a %20 Hindu4Posting.pdf ). It was adopted in 1989 by BJP as its official polity.  In 1996 the Supreme Court of India defined “Hindutva” simply as a way of life. (Sastri Yagnapurushadji v. Muldas Bhudardas Vaishya, (1966) 3 SCR 242 : (AIR 1966 SC 1119) The SC was recently approached for re-consideration of 1996 decision on the ground that religion and politics should be kept apart in Indian political system. But the SC refused to re-visit its earlier decision of 1995. ( )

This “self invented” idea of Brahmastra/Akhan Bharat/Hindutva is fascist & racist in nature being totally exclusive, hateful , destructive and revengeful. Many sociologists and thinkers have dubbed it as “fascist adhering to the homogenised majority & cultural hegemony”.  (Chetan Bhatt; Parita Mukta; Partha Banerjees ; Priyamvada Gopal; Ghadar & others; must read also  http:// www. booksummaries/ Hindutva% 20Who%20is% 20a%20 Hindu4Posting.pdf )

Mythical narratives: 

Before concluding, a reference to Dravidians is necessary since it is mentioned at the beginning of this column. As far as the original ancestors of the Dravidian population,  who reside and form majority in the Southern States of India, are concerned, there is a lot of ambiguity created by Ultra Hindu Nationalists by their writings . The problem lies in absence of any authentic recorded history of Dravadians, unlike that of  Aryans ancestors of Northern parts of Indian sub continent, whose history is well recorded. Their origin is , therefore , unclear and uncertain. A good number of myths and legends linking them to have come from some mythical islands or epics in folklore is simply unacceptable and unreliable. Indian historian, C. V. Vaidya states that it were the Aryans from the Northeast India who in 250 BC went in small numbers , invaded and conquered Southern parts of India. They forced their “religious practices” and “not language” upon natives and it is for this reason that we have distinct Dravidian languages preserved till date in Southern India. ( History of Medieval Hindu India (vol 1, 1921), page 313-314; same view is found in Encyclopedia of the African Diaspora: Origins, Experiences and Culture, by Carole Elizabeth Boyce Davies (2008) page 400; Dravadians roots are also found in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Sri-Lanka & Maldives). It is also claimed that 1900 -4200 years BP(Before Present), the Indus Valley Civilisation deurbanised and , as such, population shifted to Gangetic system” towards Southern Parts of India. (Paper titled “Genetic Evidence For Recent Population Mixture In India”  by Priya Moorjani , (2003) pages 422-423, quoted in The American Journal of Human Genetics cited in Wikipedia).  So, it is manifest, one way or other, that Dravidians too were not ORIGINALS of south India .

But some writers with pan-Brahman supremacist ideology in India are nowadays refuting and discarding all “historical” accounts about Aryan and Dravidian division , as mentioned above, simply as “western creation” , or “racist western theory “. They claim that Aryans were not a race or language or religion, rather name of some “noble values” and that they ( Aryans) did not have any physical characteristics.  They claim that while Aryans came from “mythical empire”, Bharata-ah,, ;; ;…not from Central Asian States, as stated above, Dravidians came from  mythical island, “Kumari Kandam”. But history has to move beyond myths and base itself with authentic reports and extensive research on genealogy, anthropology, archaeology and documents . What is the proof that Bharata-ah ever lived as king or Kumari Kandam ever existed as island?  The answer given by Hindu Orthodoxy is that the Bharatha  is a ” mythical belief” hardy needing any historical proof and the Kumari Kandam is a sunken landmass. While it is well known that theory of sunken landmass has been rendered obsolete and outdated by plate tectonic theory, the former is just a “belief”, not a historical fact. References to mythical accounts of Dravidian or Aryan origins is simply incredible to conclude that Aryans and Dravidian came from [mythical] places or islands or kingdoms. Lastly, to mention: Bharata-ah or Bharat is a legendary king mentioned in Mahabharata, mythical Sanskrit epic of Hindus. Article 1 of Indian Constitution has chosen the name Bharat for union of India , an amalgam of States of India.


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