Give alms to end conversion​, poverty: Jamaat to Kashmir farmers

Give alms to end conversion​, poverty: Jamaat to Kashmir farmers

Saahil Suhail

Srinagar, Oct. 01: One of the largest religious groups in Jammu and Kashmir- Jamaat-e-Islami- Monday asked ‘Muslim farmers’ to give alms during the harvesting season to end poverty and conversion in the state.

As the harvesting season is these days in full bloom, we remind the Muslim farmers that it is incumbent upon them to pay one-tenth or one-twe

ntieth of crop-production towards charity to be spent on the destitute class and others as specified under the Islamic Law, Jamaat spokesman Zahid Ali said here.

\”This duty is as obligatory as Salat (five time prayers) and no Muslim can differentiate between the two,\” he said.

\”If the affluent Muslims fulfill this duty there will be an complete end to poverty in the community and no one can exploit the poverty and promote thereby any kind of apostasy or conversion to any false religion but people from other creeds will rush towards Islam,\” he said.

He impressed upon the Muslim community of the state to come forward and pay alms for rehabilitiation of the poor and needy class. \”For this purpose, establish charity centres (baitul maal) in every locality under the patronage of the pious and qualified people and prepare a list of those entitled to receive financial aid out of this fund in every locality on the yearly basis which would be the beneficiaries of these centres,\” he said.

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