Girl students being forced to indulge in immoral activities, DeM

Girl students being forced to indulge in immoral activities, DeM

Srinagar: Dukhtaran-e-Milat chief Syedah Aasiya Andrabi Saturday alleged that some singers and school heads are forcing girl students to indulge in immoral activities in the name of culture.

In a statement to CNS, Andrabi while hailing the role of those girls who approached her said that Islam does not permit girls to indulge in obscene activities. “It is really sorry to state that persons like Waheed Jeelani and Romana Qazi, Principal Kothi Bagh Grils Higer Secondary School have been forcing girl students to dance before ‘characterless’ politicians. They including some officers have been doing this to gain favours from their immediate bosses but they must remember that Islam does not permit this and we will not allow them to do so,” she said adding that it is shocking to learn that some schools are forcing the girl students to dance before the politicians and bureaucrats.

Syedah Aasiya Andrabi expressed her surprise to see Principal Kothi Bagh girl’s higher secondary school, justifying the dance program by saying that the politicians were not bad guys. “This is ridiculous. Principal KB School and a singer who is the organizer of this immoral and unethical show Shashrang, must be doing this show to please some politicians but all this is actually a part of a bigger conspiracy to push Jammu Kashmir youth in immorality and show that this was not a Muslim culture essentially and called it a mare cultural aggression,” she said.

Syedah Aasiyah Andrabi while expressing her concern said that schools and colleges are being exploited and some officers shamelessly use the girl students to get favors from their political bosses. She said that the so called cultural wing of the school education was actually created to distort the Muslim culture and the said wing under the supervision of a particular fellow did a lot of immoral activities for which the, said man was made secretary of an autonomous body.

Criticizing the singer, Syedah Aasiyeh Andrabi said that he should not talk much bigger than that of his size and should not pretend as a savior of the Kashmiri culture. “Jammu Kashmir is a Muslim land though illegally occupied by tyrant polytheists and our culture is what Shahi Hamdan learnt from Quran and Sunnah and then taught us, let you people not pretend as scholars, keep beating the drum to fill your belly and don’t dare to exploit the girls of Ummah just to get your palms greased by the stooges of the occupier of this occupied land”.

She lauded the girl students for exposing the matter and stressed upon them to be bold and show resentment to such coercion and diktats. (CNS)

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