Genocide of Palestinians and the Blind World

Genocide of Palestinians and the Blind World

Ishaq Begh

The continuum of ethnic cleansing with planned aggression against the Muslims of besieged Gaza strip seems no instantaneous conclusion because of the reluctance showed by the Israeli Jew fanatics. It was not a Muslim who exercised the Jewish holocaust in 1945 in Germany, but in fact was a follower of Christianity. On that very date Muslims across the globe condemned this human destruction with a hard voice. But Jews overlooked it very soon and started the project of Muslim obliteration in Middle East. Britain along with the USA (Who became power after destroying Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan) drew together all the pretentious Jews from Germany and managed to settle them illegally in Palestine. The people, who were deprived and pitiable up to yesterday, became the proprietors today. People, who were the victims’ up to yesterday evening, became the killers in next morning. The land which was treated with second importance after Kaiba by the Muslims is now under the grab of Jews. People, who worshiped in second most respected Al Aqsa mosque till now, were secluded by the Jewish ideology. The people who were pressed to fight for their safety and survival were now being tagged as the terrorists. People who tried to recognize their right in Palestine were treated with the brutality and might. Too many wars have been fought on this world but none of them justified the killings of innocent women and children. And such killings showed the horrific face of Israel who is hell bent upon the genocide of Muslims in the Palestinian land.

Since the Palestinian conflict was only a political one but due to the vindictive approach adopted by the Jews, it took on a veneer of religious fanaticism. On the other hand Muslims of Palestine adopted the same but Muslims from other nations endowed Palestinians with a cold shoulder at this crucial juncture. Borders have hardened the hearts of muslims as they never tried to express their concrete solidarity towards the besieged Palestinians. If we talk about this long pending conflict, then it is obligatory to mention some facts over here. During the late 19th century Jews across the world were divided into two major groups, (1) Cultural Zionists: Who preferred to engulf the Arab world by expanding their culture and tradition. They even strived for the safety and survival of Jewish culture. (2) Political Zionists: this group emerged strongly and became more dominant and pulled out all the stops for transforming Palestine into a Jewish State. One of their scholars Theodar Herzl (chief Political Zionist 1860-1904) penned down his dream, creation of a Jewish state in his book “Judenstat”. And after its publication Jews across the world got united and formed World Zionist Organization”. Then in 1897 this organization met first time in Switzerland and First Zionist Congress was convened. There they launched the project of transferring Palestine into a Jewish national home (state). It was not an easy job for them to convince muslims of Palestine then, because Palestine was hugely populated by the Arabs (90%). So they preferred the use of force against the Palestinians in order to pursue them from their ancestral land. Their motive during that time is accessible nowadays as their literature contains, “We cannot allow the Arabs to block so valuable a piece of historic reconstruction….. and therefore we must gently persuade them to “trek”. After all, they have all Arabia with its million square miles…. There is no particular reason for the Arabs to cling to these few kilometers. “To fold their tents” and “silently steal away” is their proverbial habit: let them exemplify it now. (Israel Zangwill). They knew it very clearly that Palestinians were predominantly farmers, merchants, intellectuals, professionals and business owners and how could Jews thought to persuade them gently.

No doubt this conflict took ugly manifestation after the world war second but this crisis has very deep roots and the conspiracy of transforming Palestine into a Jewish state was adorned during the rise of Ottoman Empire. Britain and its allies first realized Ottoman Empire a great threat and wanted its full destruction then after its devastation in World War First they changed their strategy and planned the theories of destabilizing Arab World for no revival of Ottoman Empire and in this case they also got succeeded. And here ironically many liberal and secular Muslims supported western forces. Evidences for these points can be found in the letters exchanged between Governor of Egypt Sir McMohan and Arabian Sharief Hussain. Their aim was to destroy Ottoman Empire and create a new map of Great Arabia (Syria, Lebanon, Jordon, Palestine, Iraq) but later on Britain deceived the Muslims for including Palestine into this map. Efforts which Jews were utilizing were not sufficient without the assistance of Powers. Britain after becoming a hero in World War First embraced the Jews and on 2nd November 1917 announced “Balfour declaration”, which stated that “His Majesty’s Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people..… and by allowing the foundations of the state to be established during most of the mandate period and earlier, especially 1920-1948”. But it is fact that powers change their colour as per the situation arises, so was the case with Palestine when Britain forgot the McMohan’s deal and breached the promise for a stable Arab World. After declaring Balfour Declaration Britain broadcasted a shocking news that, British had come to the conclusion that a Jewish State in Palestine would serve British interests more than allowing Palestine to be a part of independent Arab state, or to facilitate its statehood. Every power of the world including USA turned a blind eye towards Palestinian issue as President Wilson (known as the champion of self determination) first supported the right to self determination to the Palestinians but later on came under the heavy pressure of Jews and US state department. He was pressurized into sending King- Crane commission to this ill fated land but at the same time he told the commission that …the question of Palestine and Mesopotamia was virtually closed by the powers. During 1919 Jews were in minority in Palestine and there population was only 10% and this population was also persuaded by the powers to demand a separate Jewish national Home in Palestine. So the rights and aspirations of Muslims in Palestine were ignored fully by the so called champions of democracy and human rights.

After inviting the world wide Jews and dwelling them in the Palestine, powers equipped these illegal settlers with weaponry in order to deal with the natives of Palestine. And this illegally created home land for the Jews got suddenly recognized as Israel. Aggressive mode of the Jews thrived after this and the victimization of Palestinians also increased. Israeli Parliament displays a written line that “O! Israel, your frontiers are from the Nile to the Euphrates”. It means that Israel keeps a dream to conquer a vast area consisting of Egypt, Jordon, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq’s major part, southern Turkey; upper part of Hijaz (S. Arabia).World media is silent over this sort of aggression committed by the Israel. Leave its aggression for a while and try to comprehend its forth coming stratagem of storming the Middle East.

It is ironic on the part of so called Muslim world, that their silence is opening the ways of Israeli success. They watch the atrocities and bloodshed of innocent Palestinians and forget their turn. They prefer to be destabilized but can not utter a single word against Israel. They are not paying any heed towards the genocide of poor Muslims in their neighborhood. Today it is the blood of Palestinians scattering over the soil and sand of Gaza but tomorrow it would be theirs. If Israel could not be stopped today from this sort of state terrorism tomorrow it will definitely erode the boundaries of other Muslim countries and pound its mighty bombs on their population. It is the job of Muslims alone as the world bodies are watching the Palestinian genocide with full delight, to stop Israel from these atrocities. Israel has made Palestine especially Gaza a test ground for its military and weapons supplied by the USA. Its offensive nature in Gaza is a clear message for a great assault on other lands in near future. 55 Muslim countries across the world having a tremendous wealth at least can pressurize the world powers for their silence upon this aggression. Main objective of the Arab League and OIC should be to draw closer relations with a firm coordination between them to safeguard their independence and sovereignty as well as the stable Palestinian land. Only building a concrete determination for this job is their duty and a full ambition of saving Palestine is in their favour. Muslims should realized the fact that during so called War on Terror all the non Muslim nations got united and assaulted on their common enemy, why could not they think like that and act strongly against their common enemy in middle east which is none other than the Israel. Is it justice that firing rockets should be retaliated with pounding the high profile missiles and bombs and a single kidnapping should be dealt with force by killing hundreds of unarmed people including kids and women? Why world is watching it silently, Muslims should press them by raising a strong voice.

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